Pampanga Province

Pampanga ProvinceThe earliest settlers of this province already called their thriving communities Pampanga, after the river (that the Spanish colonizers only later named as the Rio Grande de la Pampanga) on the banks (pampang literally means “river bank”) of which the first Kapampangans (pioneering Malays and Indonesians) established and nurtured their way of life, industry, government— in short, civilization. During the Spanish regime Pampanga was already considered as one of the richest Philippine provinces. Even Manila and surrounding regions were then very much dependent on Pampanga’s agricultural, fishery, and forestry products as well as on the supply of skilled workers and breed of courageous, intelligent, spiritual, and artistic nation builders. Up to this day, Pampanga—the place, its people, and their passions—continue to make an indelible mark on the country’s unfolding social, cultural, and economic tapestry. Continue reading