The Paltic Fish Sanctuary in Dingalan

Paltic Fish Sanctuary Dingalan Aurora bureau fisheries aquatic resources marine sanctuary barangay diving snorkeling location depth fishing species water size history description swimming ocean The Paltic Fish Sanctuary is located in Paltic, Dingalan in Aurora Province. The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources has pushed for the establishment of marine sanctuaries especially in Barangay Paltic to preserve nature’s richness and beauty. It is a potential site for diving and snokling. located 183 kilometers (114 miles) northeast of Manila. The entire town of Dingalan is mountainous due to its proximity to the Sierra Madre Mountain Range.  Despite the rugged terrain, the town is accessible by bus, jeepneys, cars and other means of land transportation passing through Cabanatuan City, which is 65 kilometers away. Baler, the capital town can be reached by land on a five hour trip via Bongabon, Nueva Ecija, or Pantabangan-Canili Road and also by the sea on four hour motor banca ride. Continue reading

White Beach in Dingalan, Aurora

White Beach Paltic Dingalan Aurora Location Resort Seashells Coral Water Shells Surf Tide Ocean Swimming Snorkeling Scuba Diving Boat Rental Ride Tour Guide Visit Report Lobster Restaurant Distance White Beach is located in Paltic in Dingalan, Aurora Province. This two-kilometer long beach has numerous shells and corals scattered along the entire length of its southern half, which is approximately one kilometer long. The shore of White Beach is made up of coral reefs that gradually slope into the sea, and a bit farther from the shore is a sudden drop into the sea bottom. This area has a variety of undersea flora and fauna for divers to observe. Brain corals, sea urchins, hermit crabs and even an occasional lobster may be seen in the reef site. The northern half of the beach is of brownish white sand and is an excellent place for swimming. The whole White Beach area is bordered on the landward side by a long hillcrest with bushes and trees scattered from the foot to the top of the hill. Off-shore coral reef formations provide interesting spots for Continue reading

Lamao Caves in Aurora

Lamao Caves Paltic Dingalan Aurora cavern beach rock location boat tour guide docking point banca entrance water Waterfalls underground stream Subterranean River shore beach location sea coral reef The Lamao Caves are a series of caverns located in Paltic, Dingalan in Aurora Province. There are about a dozen individual caves along the seaside cliffs of Paltic, and they are constantly pounded by the Pacific Ocean waves. A few mini-beaches serve as docking points for bancas and during the calmer months of April to June, one can maneuver a small banca inside the caves. Aside from a small waterfall that trickles outside one of the caves, the site would seem deceptively ordinary. A close inspection inside one of the caves, however, reveals a delightful natural waterfall gushing from an underground stream. Another cave showers water, giving the impression of an indoor rainstorm. The shore facing the cave steeply descends and is immediately immersed in the deep sea. Rare marine life such as giant turtles and some Continue reading