The Zigzag Road in Quezon

Zigzag Road Atimonan Quezon National Forest Park Location Highway Tourist Length Safety Death Grade Hill Curve Accident Coast Toll History Construction Vehicle Barangay Avenue Layout Map Kilometer The Zigzag Road can be found at the middle of the Quezon National Forest Park and passes through the municipalities of Atimonan, Pagbilao, and Padre Burgos in Quezon Province. Its curves are so tight and the roads are steep that vehicles have to literally inch their way up. Atimonan, Quezon is a coastal municipality located 175 kilometers (107 miles) southeast of Manila. It is traversed by the Maharlika Highway, which extends up to Bicol Region that links the regional and provincial movements to Manila. Continue reading

Puting Buhangin Beach in Quezon

Puting Buhangin Beach Pagbilao Grande Quezon White Sand Location Water Snorkeling Kwebang Lambas Cave Tour Guide Swimming Resort Distance History Boat Rental Kilometer Length Surf Tide Scuba Diving Puting Buhangin Beach is located in the Pagbilao Grande area of Pagbilao in Quezon Province. Puting Buhangin Beach features pure white sand, crystal-clear and calm water, and is a is a favorite place in Pagbilao during the summer season. The white sand beach is about 70 meters long and 10 meters wide. A small cave, Kwebang Lambas, is found at one end of the beach. Continue reading

Patayan Island, Quezon

Patayan Island QuezonPatayan Island is part of the Pagbilao Grande Islands and is where the Tulay Buhangin (Sand Bridge) is located. People say that Patayan Island was named from the site where the young men of the town were killed by pirates during the olden times. This is the island to which one end of the Tulay Buhangin is connected. The island has a beach known for its smooth stones. The island is located in Pagbilao Grande, Pagbilao, Quezon.