Lake Danao in Ormoc City

Lake Danao Ormoc City Tacloban Leyte Volcanic Crater Violin Shape Water Elevation Size Kilometers Mountain Range Depth Fishing Giant Eel Depression Fault Rock Formation Tour Guide Distance Location Lake Danao is located in Ormoc City, 125 kilometers away from Tacloban City in Leyte Province. As Ormoc’s main natural attraction, Lake Danao is a violin-shaped lake 2,100 feet above sea level and three kilometers long; hemmed by cloud-capped mountain ranges of undetermined depth; wild animals roaming its surrounding forest; hunter’s paradise; lake said to be the habitat of giant eel. Geologists believe this lake is volcanic in origin, like the popular Taal Lake in Tagaytay City. It is a depression produced by the Leyte Central Fault, an active fault passing through the lake area in N-S direction. Most rock formations that surrounds the lake are andesitic volcanic rocks. At more or less 700 meters above sea level, Lake Danao lies on an altitude similar to Tagaytay, making the area cooler than the average Philippine temperature. Continue reading

Lake Danao National Park in Leyte

Lake Danao National Park LeyteLake Danao is located in Ormoc City in Leyte Province, 125 kilometers from Tacloban City. Lake Danao is a violin-shaped lake on the mountains of Ormoc, and is Ormoc City’s primary tourist attraction. Located 2,100 feet above sea level and at a length of 3 kilometers long, the lake is a great place for boating, kayaking, or fishing. And the area around the lake is also ideal for sight-seeing, camping, trekking, picnics and retreats. It was originally named “Lake Imelda” and was declared a national park on June 2, 1972 by virtue of presidential memorandum issued by then President Ferdinand Marcos. Later it was renamed and declared as Lake Danao National Park on February 3, 1998 through Proclamation No. 1155 and is now protected by Continue reading

Tongonan Hotsprings National Park in Leyte

Tongonan Hotsprings National Park OrmocThe Tongonan Geothermal Power Plant is located inside the Tongonan Hotsprings National Park in Leyte Province. This is the first geothermal power plant to operate in the Philippines. This valley of geothermal power can supply electricity to the whole region when fully developed. Around the valley are numerous spots of hot springs where one can cook hard boiled eggs in fifteen minutes. It is also the first geothermal power plant to be built in the country. To get to the national park, buses, jeepneys, Tamaraw FX and L300 ply for Ormoc City from Tacloban City (two hours). The park is accessible from Kananga route by various transports plying Ormoc-Tongonan route.

The Leyte Mountain Trail

Mahagnao LakeThe Leyte Mountain Trail is an outstanding trekking area which starts from the Mahagnao Natural Park in Burauen to Lake Danao Natural Park in Ormoc, a distance of approximately 40 kilometers. This rainforest tour of three to four days takes you to the beautiful lakes of – Mahagnao, Malagsum, Casudsu-ran and Danao. Be amazed by the spectacular Guinaniban Falls, and the breathtaking view of mountains, forests, plains and the island of Samar and Leyte from the crest of the central Amandiwing Mountain Range. Enjoy the heady profusion of tropical flora and fauna including colourful insects, Continue reading