Olotayan Island in Roxas City Capiz

Olutayan Island Roxas City Capiz Beach Mini Boracay Sand Water Location Tour Package Guide Resort Surf Olotayan Island is a barangay island of Capiz Province. Olotayan Island is part of Roxas City. The name is a combination of olo (“head”) and “tyan” (stomach), as a Capiz legend tells of a cruel giant whose body the anitos (gods) struck with lightning, scattering his body parts all over the sea. Nearer to Roxas’ shore is Mantalinga Island – reportedly the giant’s “mata” (eyes) and “talinga” (ears). Natives of this place consider a “mini Boracay“, with its white sand and clear waters. Travel in this island with a boat, approximately an hour from wharfs of Banica, Roxas City, will bring a refreshing sight of placis atmosphere, serene shores, and white sand that may look like that of Boracay‘s. This island is truly blessed with its beautiful sceneries. Scattered pieces of corals are washed to the shore by shore waves, which makes the place very pleasing and things were made naturally by Continue reading