The Noso Rice Terraces in Kapangan

Noso Rice Terraces Kapangan Benguet Location Kintoman Variety Farm Harvest Season History Tribe Farming Mountain Beleng Belis Native Distance Kilometer Highway Barangay Province Layout Size Farmers The Noso Rice Terraces are located in Kapangan in Benguet Province. The Noso Rice Terraces are indigenous where native varieties of rice of the Kintoman variety are harvested. Noso Terraces adds beauty to the mountains of Beleng-Belis. The Noso Rice Terraces are located about 40 kilometers away from Baguio City; it can be reached via the Tublay-Kapangan road. From the barangay vehicle station, the Amlangit and Pekaw rice terraces is about 1.5 kilometers far while Noso rice terraces is about 500 meters away. Kapangan is located 29 kilometers (18 miles) away from the provincial capital of La Trinidad. Kapangan can be reached through the Acop-Kapangan-Kibungan National Road from Tublay or via the Halsema Highway to the Bakun-Kibungan-Kapangan Road. These roads all lead to Baguio City. Passing through the Continue reading