Libtong Volcanic Crater, Naval Biliran

Libtong Volcanic Crater Naval Biliran Location Bubbling Steaming Sulfuric Hot Springs Deposit Thermal Water Steam Area Pool Temperature North Panamao Anas South Hiking Trail Odor History Discovery The Libtong Volcanic Crater is located in Naval in Biliran Province. There are numerous bubbling and steaming sulfuric hot springs and sulfuric deposits in the area. You can see steam rising from the ground. The central Biliran-Libtong Thermal Areas have 12 hot springs and one bubbling pool. There are 3 other thermal active areas: North Biliran-Panamao Thermal Area, Anas Thermal Area, South Biliran-Kalambis Thermal Area. To get to the Libtong Volcanic Creater requires a rough, bumpy ride and short downhill hike while inhaling the strong odor of sulfur.

The Biliran Volcano is listed as one of the few active Volcanos in the Philippines and was monitored in 1954 when it was feared the Volcano was close waking from its sleep. The Continue reading