The Fleur-de-Lis Hall in Dumaguete

Fleur-de-lis Hall Dumaguete Negros Oriental Saint Paul College Auditorium Building Theater Venue Schedule Show Calendar Event Location Layout Map Capacity Hours Contact Manager History Construction The Fleur-de-Lis Hall is located in Dumaguete in  Negros Oriental Province. The Fleur-de-Lis is a theater venue located on the campus of Saint Paul College in Dumaguete. Its auditorium is noted for its lavish productions, a trademark of all Saint Paul schools in the Philippines.

Dumaguete is located on Negros Island and is 640 kilometers southeast of Manila. Flight time between Manila and Dumaguete is one hour and 15 minutes. A ferry from Manila to Dumaguete will take 40 hours (1 day and 16 hours) via the Super Ferry. Continue reading

The Negros Oriental Provincial Capitol

Provincial Capitol Dumaguete Negros Oriental Location Building Province Administration History Construction Architecture Greek Columns Layout Map Visit Address Hall Aquino Freedom Park The Provincial Capitol in Dumaguete is located in Negros Oriental. Constructed in 1924, during the American colonization of the Philippines, the building was and inaugurated by Negros Oriental Governor Enrique Villanueva on 25 February 1925. The building is Grecian in character defined by tall Ionic columns. This classic building with its imposing façade faces the Aquino Freedom Park. During this period of American occupation the colonizers hired the services of city planner and architect Daniel Hudson Burnham to design the new provincial capitol.  Before it was located in what is now the Serafin Teves residence at the Rizal Boulevard.

The Grecian style dominated American architecture during this period.  It was the first truly Continue reading

The Mayon Zigzag in Canlaon

Mayon Zigzag Canlaon Negros Oriental Highway Barangay Bagawines Street Shape Location Distance Kilometer View Tanon Strait Cebu Tagbino Map Toll Length Size History Description Avenue Toll Traffic The Mayon Zigzag is a highway located in Canlaon in Negros Oriental Province. The Mayon Zigzag is the portion of the highway from the junction of Barangay Bagawines where the road ascends into a zigzag, affording a changing panoramic view of the blue waters of Tañon Strait and the island of Cebu, and hugging the foothill dwellings of farmers like toy houses surrounded by cornfields. The climb ends in Barangay Tagbino of Canlaon City. Canlaon is located 168 kilometers (104 miles) north from the provincial capital of Dumaguete and is home to the highest mountain in the province, the Kanlaon Volcano. Continue reading

The Pulangbato Falls in Valencia

Pulangbato Falls Valencia Negros Oriental Location Red Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Color Size Swimming Iron Length River Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Distance Flow Tour Picnic GuideThe Pulangbato Falls is located in Valencia in Negros Oriental Province. The Pulangbato Waterfalls features a large cascade of reddish water, which is high in iron content. The reddish color comes from the rusting cliff rocks in its path, creating an awesome two-toned waterfalls. The Pulangbato Falls is one of the most popular destinations in Valencia and its two toned waterfalls make for excellent photography. Continue reading

Forest Camp in Valencia

Forest Camp Valencia Negros Oriental Location Property Size Family Picnic Camping Grounds Land Cottage Tree House Conference Reception Hall Backpackers Den Dormitory Fees Contact Manager Room Rates Forest Camp is located in Valencia in Negros Oriental Province. Forest Camp was first opened to the public in 1990. It began as a 6,000 square meter property originally used as the family’s private picnic and camping grounds and with nothing much but a simple shed. Today it occupies 2.2 hectares of land. It now features 2 large nipa hut houses, 4 cottages, a tree house, a 250-people capacity conference/reception hall, a backpacker’s den and a dormitory that can hold up to 20 students. There is a vast camping area too and an interesting hike trail. At Forest Camp, one can either hike, swim in the cool freshwater pool, picnic or camp at the grounds, or take a guided trek to the nearby Casaroro Falls or Mount Talinis. Room rates begin at P800 for a half day stay in the Backpacker’s Den accommodating a maximum of 10 people. A great place for kids and Continue reading

The Negros Oriental Arts & Heritage

Negros Oriental Arts Heritage Bacong Negros Oriental Noah Stone Crafting Facility Souvenir Shop Goods Gemstones Jade Agate Jasper Onyx Petrified Wood Seashells Cave Stone Fossils Minerals Furniture Negros Oriental Arts & Heritage is located in Bacong in Negros Oriental Province. Negros Oriental Arts & Heritage, or NOAH, for short, is a stone crafting facility and souvenir shop that produces handcrafted goods made from gemstones such as jade, agate, jasper, onyx, petrified wood, seashells, cavestone, mountainstone, fossils, riverstones and minerals. Among the products they produce for export are quality stonecraft furniture, jewel boxes and fashion accessories. Continue reading

Central Azucarera de Bais in Negros Oriental

Central Azucarera Bais Negros Oriental sugar mill compania general tabacos filipinas tabacalera factory facility history industry train spanish culture export architecture location description info The Central Azucarera de Bais is located in Bais City in Negros Oriental Province. The Central Azucarera de Bais was the first sugar mill of the Compania General de Tabacos de Filipinas SA (or Tabacalera) in the Philippines. This facility was established in 1918 and became the gateway for the province’s sugar industry. Up until the present, CAB continues to be fully operational. The CAB staff houses are reminiscent of the Spanish culture. The architecture is greatly influenced by it, a standing memory of a bygone era. Continue reading

The Cata-al War Museum in Valencia

Cata-al War Memorabilia Museum Valencia Negros Oriental world japanese bomb grenade artillery location Building exhibit collection display collection history culture artifacts hours entrance fee info The Cata-al War Memorabilia Museum is located in Valencia in Negros Oriental Province. The Cata-al War Memorabilia Museum is housed in a private residence on the outskirts of town and has a collection of relics from the Philippine campaign of World War II. Most of the relics were collected by the owner, Porforio Cata-an in the area of Mount Talinis, where approximately 10,000 Japanese soldiers died during the bombing campaign. Continue reading

The Banica Valley Swimming Lagoon in Valencia

Banica Valley Swimming Lagoon Valencia Negros Oriental pool garden setting location distance water depth hiking Trail size temperature kilometer history construction River fishing Park entrance The Banica Valley Swimming Lagoon is located in Valencia in Negros Oriental Province. The Banica Valley Swimming Lagoon features two river-fed swimming pools in a garden setting. The swimming lagoon is a favorite hangout of picknickers due to its proximity to Dumaguete City. Facilities include restrooms and a cantina. Valencia is located nine kilometers west of Dumaguete City. Continue reading

The Adudusan Water Slide in Canlaon

Adudusan Natural Water Slide Canlaon Negros Oriental Waterfalls Rock Stone Boulder Attraction Location Trekkers Hiking Trail Slope Angle Elevation Swimming Bathing Picnic Distance Discovery History The Adudusan Natural Water Slide is located in Canlaon in Negros Oriental Province. The Adudusan Natural Water Slide is naturally carved from the rock by one of the waterfalls in Canlaon. The slide is a popular destination among trekkers. Canlaon is located 168 kilometers (104 miles) north from the provincial capital of Dumaguete and is home to the highest mountain in the province, the Kanlaon Volcano. Continue reading