The Naguey Rice Terraces in Benguet

Naguey Rice Terraces Atok Benguet Amburayan River Province Landscape Size Farm Stone Wall Kintuman Season Harvest Location History Tribe Barangay Distance Halsema Highway Baguio Native Plantation The Naguey Rice Terraces are located in Barangay Naguey along the Amburayan River in Atok, Benguet Province. Encompassing over 33 hectares of landcape, it was built by the community’s ancestors with a stone wall protection. This place is very remarkable because this is where the native rice “Kintuman” are propagated. The Amburayan River spans about 30 kilometers from Pasdong to Naguey. The Naguey Rice Terraces are located three hours drive from Baguio City through the Halsema Highway. Continue reading