Naga Beach in Calbayog

Naga Beach Calbyog Samar Electric Cooperatives Office Location Water Sand Resort Surf Tide Sports Snorkeling Depth Scuba Diving Hotel Location Distance Boat Tour Guide Barangay Visit Fishing Naga Beach is located in Calbayog in Samar Province. Naga Beach is also called “Electric Beach” due to its location which is in proximity to the local electric cooperatives office. The beach offers cottages in a line along its grayish sandy shore. This is popular not only among Calbayognons but also for beachcombers from the nearby municipalities. Its cool fresh water, scenic view of Samar Island attracts picnickers and beachcombers. Continue reading

Universidad de Santa Isabel in Naga City

XUniversidad Santa Isabel Naga City Camarines Sur Womens College School University Colegio Elias Angeles Street Location Address Courses Enrollment Population Students Girls Education Layout Map The Universidad de Santa Isabel is located in Naga City in Camarines Sur. Founded in 1868, the Universidad de Santa Isabel was the first Normal School for women in the Far East. It was also the seat of the first Bicolano government in area after the Spanish war. Before it was conferred a university status, its name was then known as the Colegio de Sta. Isabel. The Universidad de Santa Isabel is located on Elias Angeles Street in Naga City, Camarines Sur. Continue reading

Nabontolan Falls in Naga

Nabontolan Falls Naga Camarines Sur Bicol Mount Isarog National Park Waterfalls City Hiking Trail Mountain Climbing Picnic Location History Length Water River Swimming Depth Width Malabsay Tour Guide The Nabontolan Falls is located in Naga in Camarines Sur province. The Nabontolan Waterfalls are located about an hour’s hike away from the Malabsay Falls, and is located within the protected Bicol area of the Mount Isarog National Park. Accessible through the Naga City trail, the Nabontolan Falls offer a breathtaking refuge from the busy city life and allows one to commune with nature. It is seldom visited by mountain climbers, hikers and picnic-goers because of its rough trail. Continue reading

Bichara Island in Caramoan

Bichara Island Caramoan Camarines Sur Beach Lagoon Boat Tour Rental Package Resort Snorkeling Fishing Sand SurfBichara Island may be small with an area of 8,000 square meters, but it’s obviously laden with charm. One can swim under the canopy of limestone cliffs surrounding the island or collect shells along the beach. The idyllic seascape makes it easy to forget just about everything.. For the natives of Caramoan, Bichara is better known as Paradise Island even if it is a privately owned beach in Camarines Sur. Certainly, it is a paradise of powder-like sand mist besides the crystal clear body of water perfect for scuba diving and beach hopping. Continue reading

Tinago Island in Caramoan

Tinago Island Caramoan Hidden Beach Islet Location Tour Camping Cave Limestone Mountain Peninsula Boat SandTinago is a Bicol word which means “hidden.” Tinago Island is a hidden island with interesting features; It got its name because it was located at the back of Cagbalinag Island. According to the tourists who have been to Tinago Island, most local boatmen—even those who double as tour guides—would rather not take tourists here, simply because they don’t know of the secluded and astonishing features of the island that only tourists persistent and adventurous enough can enjoy. Unlike the more popular Gota and Hunongan beaches in Caramoan, this cove is concealed from view when you traverse the length of the Caramoan peninsula coastline. However, it is accessible from the sea through a narrow passageway found in the huge limestone karst formations lining the coastline. Continue reading

Mount Isarog in Camarines Sur

Mount Isarog Volcano Naga Camarines Sur Luzon Philippines Elevation Height Hiking Trail Tours Location HistoryMount Isarog National Park was declared a national park since 1938, and harbors rainforest, endemic wildlife, waterfalls and is home to nomadic Negrito (Agta) tribes people. Mount Isarog is a large, isolated peak in Camarines Sur Province, on the Camarines Peninsula in southeastern Luzon. It is the highest forested peak in Southern Luzon, and is part of the Bicol volcanic chain, and could still be active although no historic eruptions are known. The volcano has active fumaroles, steam vents and hot springs. The mountain is a dormant volcano that rises to 1,976 meters (6,483 feet) tall. The vegetation there includes parang grasslands mixed with patches of secondary forest from the lowlands to 900 meters, lowland forest below about 1,000 meters, and montane forest above about 900 meters, including mossy forest above 1,500 meters. However, most of the remaining forest is Continue reading

Aguirangan Island in Caramoan

Aguirangan Island Caramoan Rose Islet Lagonoy Gulf Camarines Sur Naga Beach Scuba Sabang Port CampingAguirangan Island, also known as Rose Islet, is a small paradise along the Lagonoy Gulf in Camarines Sur. The length of the entire island is about a hectare and a half. It is edged by ivory sand coast on the side facing Presentacion and Lagonoy while the other side is framed by magnificent rock platforms. The surrounding 360-degree view from the Rose Islet as some calls it, is wonderful excess. Mount Mayon from the western side can be seen in its full cone shape on a clear day. On the northern part is the imposing Mount Isarog gently capped by clouds. The Lagonoy mountain ranges on the eastern side stretches down south until it fades out from your sight. The coral formation surrounding the island stretches about a kilometer on the northern side. Submarine canyons, deep vertical walls and other unique formations make this 1.5 hectare island a paradise for Continue reading

San Francisco Church in Naga

San Francisco Church Naga Camarines Sur The San Francisco Church in Naga City was constructed in the 17th century. Located on the riverbank of Naga River, which cuts through the city, this church’s infirmary and basement served as interrogation and torture halls of Filipinos who were arrested during the peak of the Filipino-Spanish War in 1898. For the colonial masters, the Church was used as a fortress refuging 500 people during the attacks of Filipino revolutionaries Elias Angeles and Felix Plazo in September 1898. Accepting defeat to the Angeles-Plazo forces, it is in this church’s citadels that then Civil Governor of Camarines drafted his letter of surrender consequently offering the Province of Ambos Camarines to the Filipinos. The church grounds is also rumored to have once housed the oldest hospital in Southeast Asia. The San Francisco Church is located along Penafrancia Street. It can be reached by Foot depending on where you are. Continue reading

Plaza de Nueva Caceres in Naga

Plaza de Nueva Caceres NagaThis newly built monument and plaza was for the celebration of the 62th founding anniversary of the City of Naga in 2010. Plaza de Nueva Caceres commerates the history of Naga City. Naga, which is located in Camarines Sur Province, used to be known as Ciudad de Nueva Caceres, during its pre-colonial roots up to the Spanish rule when it became one of the four oldest cities and sits of powers of the Spaniards. The monument’s inviting surroundings and relaxing plaza, meanwhile, shows how Naga flourishes and becomes one of the modern cities in the country and in the Philippines.

Panicuason Hot Springs Resort in Naga

Panicuason Hot Springs Resort NagaPanicuason Hot Springs Resort is one of Bicol’s secret hideaways. Located at the bottom of a forest river ravine accessible via a private road, this resort is smack at the center of the teeming rain forest of Mount Isarog. Only 30 minutes away from downtown Naga City, the resort is a sight to behold, a virtual jungle paradise of ancient trees and giant ferns minus the wild animals. The resort is composed of several natural pools with temperatures ranging from a cold 20 degrees Celsius to a steaming 39 degrees Celsius. Frequented by local and international visitors, it has also been featured on national TV shows. A day or two at the hot springs resort will surely uplift one’s spirit and soothe aching and weary muscles with hot spring water that emanates from the earth’s bowels. Continue reading