Relyenong Tahong

Relyenong Tahong or Stuffed Mussels are large mussels stuffed with a mixture of ground pork, bacon, and seasonings, and baked to perfection. This dish can be both an appetizer and a main dish. In the Philippines, this is often eaten with white rice with banana ketchup on the side. It can be cooked by pan frying or baking. This Relyenong Tahong (Stuffed Mussels) demonstrates how to cook stuffed mussels by baking. You will be guided Continue reading

Mussel Farms in Sapian

Mussel Farm SapianTen kilometers north of the town’s commercial hub out in the sea, this mussel farm patiently lies like a silent picture of a thousand bamboo stilts arrayed 6 feet apart into the briny water. However, each bamboo pole stuck through the sea floor 6 to 7 feet deep yields hundreds of fat dark green mussel neatly arranged like dark distended leaves sprouting heavily on top of each other. One gets to this sea farm by means of pump boats, dugouts or rafts from Sitio Angkin.