The Mummies of Domolpos in Itogon

Mummies Domolpos Itogon Benguet Province Iowak Tribe Ancestor Burial Ground Cave Discovery History Age Mummy Tomb Cemetery Sacred Hiking Trail Mountain Ugo Mount Attraction Tour Guide Visit Location The Mummies of Domolpos are located in Itogon in Benguet Province. The mummies are believed to be centuries old and are the great ancestors of the i’owak tribe. The same can only be viewed when the native rituals are performed including the offering and butchering of animals. The Domolpos Mummies can be reached via the trail that goes to Mount Ugo. The mummified remains are a potential man-made attraction of the municipality of Itogon. Itogon is located on the southeast end of Benguet Province and is next to the communities of Baguio City, Tuba, La Trinidad, Tublay, Bokod, Kayapa, Santa Fe, San Manuel, San Nicolas, and Sison. Continue reading