Mount Napulak in Iloilo

Mount Napulak Tigbanaba Igbaras Iloilo Mountain Elevation Summit Province Antique Kanlaon Negros Occidental Dental Womans Breast Shape Coral Rock Peak Hiking Trail Tour Guide Location Trekking Camp Mount Napulak is the highest mountain in Iloilo Province. Located in Barangay Tigbanaba in Igbaras, Mount Napulak stands at an elevation of 1,200 feet above sea level. At its summit, tourists can witness breathtaking views of Iloilo Province, Antique Province, Mount Kanlaon in Negros Occidental. Mount Napulak’s shape resembles a woman’s breast where massive coral rock as big as a one-storey building sits on peak, providing an eye-catching view of Iloilo and portions of the Antique Province. The trails getting to the mountain exposes the area’s virgin forests and abundant wildlife. Continue reading

OISCA Farm in Canlaon

OISCA Farm in CanlaonThe OISCA Farm is a privately owned man-made lakes with the prime purpose of irrigating hundreds of hectares of rice lands, it serves as a demonstration farm of the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA) of Japan in Southern Philippines which is concerned with environmental conservation of the area.  It is located nine kilometers from the city proper and southwest of the verdant mountain chain of Mt. Kanlaon in Brgy.  Lumapao, approximately 400 meters above sea level with the advantage of year round coolness.  The farm has turned the rocky slopes into three manmade lakes which are ideal for swimming with added gardens of sun canopy covered with vine roses or climbing ornamental flowering plants that corridors the landscape of lush green vegetation and refreshing the park for picnic and camping.  Continue reading

Mount Kanlaon in Bacolod

Mount Kanlaon BacolodMount  Kanlaon is the most imposing landmark in Negros Island. Its summit measured at 2,435 meters above sea level. Mount Kanlaon is an active volcano; the highest peak in Central Visayas, and 16th highest in the Philippines.

Mt Kanlaon is a complex and active volcano surrounded by several craters and volcanic peaks. Volcanic features in the area include the cinder cone of the active center and craters at the summit. It is underlain by tropical volcanic materials composed of sheeted lava flows, lahar deposits, airfall tephra and apron pyroclastic materials. Continue reading