Mount Kabunian in Benguet

Mount Kabunian Bakun Benguet Trio Igorot God Location Hiking Trail History Elevation Height Size Time Coffins Bones Destination Rock Climbers Trekking Climb Ecotourism Mossy Forest Thriller Barangay Mount Kabunian is located in Bakun, Benguet Province. Mount Kabunian is one of the three mountains in the Bakun Trio (the other two mountains are Mount Tenglawan and Mount Lobo). This mountain is known as the abode of the Igorot god “Kabunian“. Part of the mountain was used as a burial ground of the community’s ancestors and until now, remains of the old coffins and bones are still evident. This mountain is an ideal and challenging destination for rock climbers and mountain trekkers. Moreover, it is also a perfect venue to promote eco-tourism because it showcases the Kabunian‘s rice terraces and the famous Kabunian waterfalls. This rocky mountain stretches for kilometers displaying its multifaceted profile. A mossy forest is located a few meters from its summit. Mount Kabunian features the Thriller Trail and the imposing boulder formations along the Continue reading

Thriller Trail of Mount Kabunian

Mount Kabunian Thriller TrailThe Mount Kabunian Trail, also known as the “Thriller Trail of Mount Kabunian” is located in Bakun, Benguet Province. Mount Kabunian is a premier attraction of Bakun municipality. Its six wonder thriller waterfalls are visible from Bakun Central. It is named after the Kanka-nai pagan god and is regarded as a sacred place. On a level shoulder of this mountain are ancient coffins with mummies. Kabunian or Lumawig is the supreme deity of the Ifugao tribe. To some, it is Kabunian; to others, it is Lumawig. Their theogony grows when one meets with similar stories, told by different groups, differing only in nomenclature. In one, the hero-god is Kabunian while in the other it is Lumawig. Continue reading