Nabontolan Falls in Naga

Nabontolan Falls Naga Camarines Sur Bicol Mount Isarog National Park Waterfalls City Hiking Trail Mountain Climbing Picnic Location History Length Water River Swimming Depth Width Malabsay Tour Guide The Nabontolan Falls is located in Naga in Camarines Sur province. The Nabontolan Waterfalls are located about an hour’s hike away from the Malabsay Falls, and is located within the protected Bicol area of the Mount Isarog National Park. Accessible through the Naga City trail, the Nabontolan Falls offer a breathtaking refuge from the busy city life and allows one to commune with nature. It is seldom visited by mountain climbers, hikers and picnic-goers because of its rough trail. Continue reading

Mount Isarog in Camarines Sur

Mount Isarog Volcano Naga Camarines Sur Luzon Philippines Elevation Height Hiking Trail Tours Location HistoryMount Isarog National Park was declared a national park since 1938, and harbors rainforest, endemic wildlife, waterfalls and is home to nomadic Negrito (Agta) tribes people. Mount Isarog is a large, isolated peak in Camarines Sur Province, on the Camarines Peninsula in southeastern Luzon. It is the highest forested peak in Southern Luzon, and is part of the Bicol volcanic chain, and could still be active although no historic eruptions are known. The volcano has active fumaroles, steam vents and hot springs. The mountain is a dormant volcano that rises to 1,976 meters (6,483 feet) tall. The vegetation there includes parang grasslands mixed with patches of secondary forest from the lowlands to 900 meters, lowland forest below about 1,000 meters, and montane forest above about 900 meters, including mossy forest above 1,500 meters. However, most of the remaining forest is Continue reading

Malabsay Falls in Naga

Malabsay Ecology Park NagaThe Malabsay Falls is a forty foot tall waterfall located on the slope of Mount Isarog in Panicuason. The Malabsay Ecology Park features swimming areas beneath the waterfalls, concrete windingstrings, foot bridges and pathways, cottages, and a plant nursery and camping ground. Located within the Mount Isarog National Park, this waterfall resembles the Pagsanjan Waterfalls, making it a very likely
tourist hotspot. You can also go over the ecology park that offers swimming areas just below the falls. There are also the foot bridges and passageways. And to provide a more
relaxing haven to tourists, cottages can be accommodated. And if you are after the excitement of the place, you can go to Continue reading

Isarog Agta

Mount IsarogCommonly referred to as Negritos, Agtas do belong to the Negrito ethnolinguistic group. There are many Agta tribes, scattered over Regions I to V in the island of Luzon. The Isarog Agtas live on Mount Isarog, east of Naga City in Camarines Sur, Bicol Region. This tribe is by far the most endangered ethnolinguistic Negrito population, as only a few remain today. Agtas are characteristically short, dark-skinned, kinky-haired, thick-lipped, and small-nosed. Their traditional clothing is tapis (skirt) for women and bahag (breechcloth) for men. Breastfeeding mothers wear uban, a piece of fabric slung from the shoulders. Most men scar their bodies, using various designs that have been passed down to them by their ancestors. Today, most Agtas have abandoned their tribal attire for “civilized” clothes. Continue reading