Mount Iraya in Batanes

Mount Iraya Basco Batanes Mountain Elevation Hiking Tour Trail Dormant Volcano Summit Trekking Horizon Pearl Orient Seas Trailblazing Forest Hill Wildlife Camping Airport Spring Water Location Info Mount Iraya is Batanes‘ highest mountain, standing at an elevation of 1,517 meters above sea level. Mount Iraya is a dormant volcano on Batan Island whose last eruption was recorded in 505 AD. At its summit, trekkers can view the horizon and be on the top of the Pearl of the Orient Seas. Hiking to the summit takes approximately four hours depending on skill level. Mountaineering, trekking and trailblazing are recommended sports activities on the mountain. Walking distance from Basco, the top of Mt. Iraya can be reached in about three hours. Adventurous types will enjoy the heavily forested and steep trail leading towards Mt. Iraya. The forest is filled with plants and wildlife, giving everyone opportunities to take a lot of Batanes pictures for their photo albums back home. The Basco Airport is located at the foot of Mount Iraya. Source of the spring water distributed in Continue reading

Mount Iraya Agtas

Camarines Sur MapCommonly referred to as Negritos, Agtas do belong to the Negrito ethnolinguistic group. There are many Agta tribes, scattered over Regions I to V in the island of Luzon. The Mt. Iraya Agtas reside east of Lake Buhi in southern Camarines Sur, Bicol Region. One of four endangered Negrito populations, whose numbers are dwindling at a very rapid pace, the tribe faces extinction in the near future unless drastic steps are taken to preserve their language and culture.

Agtas are characteristically short, dark-skinned, kinky-haired, thick-lipped, and small-nosed. Their traditional clothing is tapis (skirt) for women and bahag (breechcloth) for men. Continue reading