Mount Gedgedayan in Bakun

Mount Gedgedayan Bakun Benguet Crying Mountain Location Mountain Elevation Hiking Trail Summit Map Layout Distance Height Difficulty Trekking Climb Barangay Kilometer Cave Cave Camping History Facade Mount Gedgedayan is located in Bakun in Benguet Province. Nicknamed the Crying Mountain, Mount Gedgedayan offers a panoramic view of Mount Kabunian including other picturesque mountains of the municipality. This mountain is remarkable because of its multi-faceted structure and sleeping beuty shape formations. The rocky fa├žade of Mount Gedgedayan resembles the carved faces of Mount Rushmore in the United States. This mountain is also a perfect venue for sightseeing and camping. Due to its undisturbed nature, it has became a dwelling place for several species of wild animals. Mount Gedgedayan is a potential natural attraction found in Bakun. Continue reading

The Picao and Sacop Falls in Benguet

Picao Falls Sacop Waterfalls Bakun Benguet Location Barangay Mount Gedgedayan Location Sao Dada Distance Length River Kilometers Baguio City Mountain Rain Water Swimming Camping Hiking Trail Tour Info The Picao Waterfalls and the Sacop Waterfalls are both located in Bakun in Benguet Province. Both waterfalls can be viewed from Mount Gedgedayan. Picao falls is located at sitio Sao while the Sacop Falls is located in sitio Dada. Bakun is located 86 kilometers (53 miles) from Baguio City and 336 kilometers (209 miles) from Manila. Continue reading