Moriones Festival in Marinduque

Moriones Festival MarinduqueThe Moriones Festival in Marinduque highlights the display of colorful Roman costumes, painted masks, brass helmets, bright-colored tunics and dangerous looking swords and spears. Morion means “mask” which is a part of a medieval Roman armor that effectively covers a warrior’s face to protect him from his enemies, thus, his identity remains incognito. The weeklong celebration is the depiction of the most followed and most observed nationwide celebration of Holy Week for it is a sacred week for Catholics depicting the death and rise of Christ. The festival begins on Holy Monday and culminates on Easter Sunday.

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Marinduque Province

MarinduqueThe province of Marinduque extends about 137 nautical miles from Manila between Bondoc Peninsula at the eastern portion of Luzon and Oriental Mindoro. It is bounded on the north by Tayabas Bay, northeast by Mongpong Pass, southeast by Tayabas Strait and Sibuyan at the south, and about 29 nautical miles from Balanacan Port to Lucena City and 30 nautical miles from Gasan Port to Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro. Continue reading