Pescador Island in Moalboal

Pescador Island Moalboal CebuPescador Island is a small limestone island in the Tañon Strait, 3km of the western coast of Cebu island in the Philippines. It is under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Moalboal, Cebu. The marine habitat around the island is a marine reserve, protected by the Moalboal Municipal Water User’s Fee System for 2006 in accordance with Resolution No. 044-2006. However it is just a marine park by name as the local fisherman spear fish exhaustively the entire reef. Experienced divers notice the lack of large fish compared to other similar areas such as the nearby Apo Island. Local dive operators concede that the economic benefit to Moalboal derived from the dive tourism is far greater than the traditional fisherman’s and the current abuse of the area is resulting in a decline of the islands attraction to scuba Continue reading

Panagsama Beach in Moalboal

Panagsama Beach, MoalboalA paradise for scuba divers! It has numerous beach resorts offering luxurious amenities, full service aqua sports , serving European, American, Asian, Filipino cuisine and a splendid night life by the beach. The diving schools and dive centers can teach you the skills and techniques in scuba diving. Hence, you will enjoy diving in this wonderful place at Moalboal. Panagsama Beach in Moalboal is just 4 km from the town center of Moalboal. The beach strip invites for a leisurely stroll, lots of open-air bars (Chili Bar, Beach Bar, Red Banana and others), restaurants, some more beach resorts and dive centers, street vendors peddling fruits, fresh caught fish, colorful T-Shirts or massage services. If you want to explore the small country town of Moalboal, Cebu, take a motorbike with sidecar, called tricycle, and within 10 minutes you are in Moalboal Continue reading

Osmena Peak in Dalaguete

Osmena Peak Dalaguete CebuOsmena Peak is known to be the highest peak in the province and Island of Cebu. Base on actual GPS altitude, it stand approximately 1000 meters above sea level. Osmena peak is located in the vicinity area of Mantalungon, (a town that is around 700 to 800 meters and probably one of the highest towns in Cebu. Mantalungon has been known as the vegetable kingdom of Cebu. Its really unusual finding this town where you feel it was like an area in the Cordilleras were they have their trading post for vegetable dealers and townfolks and children are wearing jackets at high noon, similar to Baguio City and La Trinidad. Osmena Peak is uniquely different from any other mountain peaks in the Philippines. Multiple jagged hills, or quite simply known as the Mantalungon range, are Continue reading