The Gardens of Malasag Eco Tourism Village

Gardens Malasag Eco Tourism Village Cagayan Oro Misamis Oriental Botanical Ecotourism Location Collection Wildlife Reserve Sanctuary Butterfly Birds Deer Tribal House Museum Education Center Cottage The Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village is located in Cagayan de Oro City in Misamis Oriental Province. The Malasag Gardens features a small wildlife collection of butterflies, birds and deer. The cultural village has tribal houses, a museum, and an education center. It has limited services but the view from the cottages is breathtaking. The Malasag Gardens serves as the learning center for ecotourism, ethnic arts, flora and fauna endemic to Northern Mindanao while at the same time generate revenues and livelihood for the tribal groups. This Eco-Tourism Village is owned and managed by the National Government. Continue reading

Sipaka Point in Talisayan

Sipaka Point Talisayan Misamis Oriental Dive Spot Swimming Location Undersea Current Tide Surf Report Scuba Diving Depth Water Marine Ecosystem Marine Underwater Garden Coral Stingray Snapper Fish Sipaka Point is a dive spot located in Talisayan in Misamis Oriental Province. Known for its strong undersea current, the spot is good for more experienced divers. The natural current feeds the marine ecosystem resulting to a majestic underwater garden. Huge sea fans, basket sponges, hard and soft corals and feather stars abound in this area as well as stringrays, snappers, groupers, and colorful small fishes. With white sandy bed in a gradually sloping bottom, Sipaka point is an ideal site for students and divers of all levels, and a great site for macro and and wide-angle photography. Continue reading

Talisayan Shoal in Misamis Oriental

Talisayan Shoal Misamis Oriental Province Town Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort Balingoan Coral Gardens Fish Diving Spot Scuba Snorkeling Fish Depth Seashell Dive Swimming Tour Guide Beach Water Depth Talisayan Shoal is a diving spot located in Misamis Oriental province. The Talisayan Shoal fronts the town of Talisayan. It takes only about ten minutes to get there from the Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort in Balingoan. The shallow part of the shoalis a coral garden with damsels and clowns, dome and disk corals, coleman shrimps, parrotfishes, wrasses and angelfishes.Turtles are often seen here as well as other pelagic fishes. The coastal town of Talisayan is located about 85 kilometers away from Cagayan de Oro City and 120 kilometers from Butuan City. Continue reading

Kaliga Festival in Gingoog

Kaliga Festival Gingoog City July Manobo Higaonon Culture Tradition Celebration Peoples Grandstand Oval Festivity Street Dancing Parade Pahayahay Competition Costume Schedule Calendar Event Harvest The Kaliga Festival is held annually at the People’s Grandstand in Gingoog City. This festival is held on the 23rd of July and is a colorful and joyous festival of abundance and prosperity, stems from the city’s Manobo and Higaonon roots, their culture and traditions through rituals and street dancing. Kaliga is a thanksgiving celebration of the Higaonon, meaning “to thank god” for all the blessings, bountiful harvest, successful hunting, expedition, installation of new chieftain, birth of a child and any recoveries from hardship and sickness. This Misamis Oriental event is held at the People’s Grandstand & Oval with schools participating in its festivities. The street dancing parade will commence at the Pahayahay area and will pass through the city’s major roads ending at the People’s Grandstand where the final tableau competition will take place. Continue reading

Birhen Milagrosa Beach in Laguindingan

Birhen Milagrosa Beach Laguindingan Misamis Oriental Virgin Mary Rock Wall Altar Island Resort Sand Location History Distance Swimming Surf Tide Snorkeling Scuba Diving Tour Guide Description Info Birhen Milagrosa Beach is located in Moog, Laguindingan in Misamis Oriental. The place offers crystal clear water and fine gray sand. Its name is derived from the image of the Virgin Mary on its rockwall. In that spot, an altar has been built in honor of the Virgin Mary. Continue reading

Daan-Lungsod in Gingoog City

Daan Lungsod Gingoog City Misamis Oriental Settlement Site Gingoognons Manobo Tribe Catholic Structure Ruins Limestone Coral Spanisih Friars Location Houses Migrants History Population Pictures Info Daan-Lungsod is the site of the first settlement of native Gingoognons, the Manobo tribe. Located in Gingoog City in Misamis Oriental, the ruins of the Catholic structures built by limestones and corals by the Spanish friars still mark its exact location. Old houses still exist reminiscent of the culture that once existed in the area. The influx of migrants from neighboring places contributed to the city’s growth, giving rise to the necessity of expansion. Being limited in area, the settlement had to be transferred to a more spacious site, and which was later relocated to the Gahub – Mangiskis area, the site of the present poblacion. This was chosen due to its potentials for socio-economic development. Continue reading

Agutayan White Island in Jasaan

Agutayan White Island Jasaan Misamis Oriental Reef Marine Sanctuary Punta Gorda Tawiki Whale Shark Fishng Location Agutayan White Island, also known as Agutayan Reef, is a marine sanctuary in Misamis Oriental. Located 20 minutes away from Punta Gorda by pumpboat, this island reef is approximately 14 hectares area wide with expanse of shallow coral reef, surgeon fish, barracuda, eagle rays and occasional Whale Sharks known as “tawiki” – the biggest fish in the world can be found here. 174 seedlings of the endangered giant clams on December 8, 2001, a project of the SEA volunteers, were seeded here. Although continually subject to controversy and differing opinions, artificial reefs still provide a viable route towards rehabilitation of degraded or totally devastated coral reefs especially in controlled and protected environment. The Artificial Reef Project in the Agutayan Marine Sanctuary started as a visionary experiment carried out by a handful of amateur Continue reading

The Manobo Culture

ManoboThe Manobo are probably the most numerous of the ethnic groups of the Philippines in terms of the relationships and names of the various groups that belong to this family of languages. Mention has been made of the numerous subgroups that comprise the Manobo group. The total national population including the subgroups is 749,042 (NM 1994); occupying core areas from Sarangani island into the Mindanao mainland in the provinces of Agusan del Sur, Davao provinces, Bukidnon, and North and South Cotabato. The groups occupy such a wide area of distribution that localized groups have assumed the character of distinctiveness as a separate ethnic grouping such Continue reading

Kagayhaan Festival in Cagayan de Oro

Kagayhaan Festival Misamis OrientalKagayhaan Festival is held every August in Cagayan de Oro City in Misamis Oriental Province. It is Cagayan’s local answer to Mardi Gras and celebrated during the annual feast of the city´s patron St. Augustine. Traditionally done in a 3-hour parade of civic military groups, the event is colored by participation of contigents in bedecked costumes, choreographed movements, lively sounds and gimmickry to bring out desired theme or social message. Added attractions are the inclusion of huge floats in parade and school drum and bugle corps.

Hudyaka Festival in Laguindingan

Hudyaka Festival Misamis OrientalThe Hudyaka Festival is held every July in Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental province. This festival depicts the rich Maranao culture with pageantry and war dance performed by warriors & fan dance by the Maranao maidens. The Hudyaka Festival is held during Araw ng Lanao del Norte.