The Mermaid in Lamon Bay, Atimonan

Mermaid Lamon Bay Maharlika Highway Atimonan Quezon Statue Barangay Angeles Sculpture Boulder Stone Rock Little Denmark Landmark Marker Monument Location Kilometer History Construction Sculptor Info The Mermaid in Atimonan is located along the beach of Lamon Bay near the Maharlika Highway within the boundary of Barangay Angeles. This sculpture of mermaid sitting on top of a big boulder is similar to the sculpture of Little Mermaid in Denmark. Aside from being an interesting site, this serves as a landmark for the motorists. It was a folk tale that mermaids were sighted in this part of Lamon Bay. Others say however, that what have been sighted are Whale Sharks or Butanding which are abundant in this area mostly from the late part of November to March of every year. Continue reading