The Matalang-talang Marine Sanctuary in Aroroy

Matalang-talang Marine Protected Area Aroroy Masbate Fishing Reserve Sanctuary Fish Aquatic Reef Rangers Snorkeling Scuba Diving Swimming Underwater Aquatic Wildlife Location Depth Size Coral Tour The Matalang-talang Marine Protected Area is located in Aroroy in Masbate Province. The Matalang-talang reserve is being cared for by a group of fishing enthusiasts who take turns patrolling and monitoring the well defined boundaries of the fish sanctuary. Trained as Reef Rangers these fisher folks facilitate snorkeling activities to visitors who wish to enjoy the wonders of the underwater environment. Continue reading

Cattle Ranch in Balud

Cattle Ranch Balud Masbate Location Cow Farm Land Location Harvest Beef Bullfighting Season Farmer History Description Population Province Barangay Map Layout Hiking Trail Animals Grassland Tour Info The Balud Cattle Ranch is located in Balud in Masbate Province. The province in the Bicol Region may not yet be placed at the limelight as the primary vacation destination in the Philippines, but with its exceptional claim to visibility as the Cattle Capital of the Philippines, somehow, Masbate has received its own spot to fame. The Cattle Ranch in Balud is especially popular during summer for bullfighting enthusiasts. During this time, vacationers can experience local rodeos battle at the famous “Rodeo Masbateño” event. Continue reading

Halea National Park in Masbate

Halea National Park Ticao Island Masbate Resort Beach Mantra Rays Aquatic Wildlife Snorkeling Scubba Diving Location Swimming Tour Guide Boat Rental Sand Blue Water Location History Depth Hotel Info The Halea National Park is located on Ticao Island in Masbate Province. Halea National Park in Ticao Island is one of the precious jewels in Masbate that you would just want to keep to yourself forever. Halea National Park boasts of its giant Mantra Rays, numerous, diverse aquatic wildlife and its very laid-back, secluded and lovely scenery. Because of the protection it gets, the area has maintained its beauty drawing tourists from all over the globe to experience its wonders. Continue reading

Catandayagan Falls in Ticao Island

Catandayagan Falls Ticao Island San Jacinto Masbate Province Waterfalls Vertical Water Ocean Sea Donsol Sorsogon Monreal Tour The Catandayagan Falls are located on Ticao Island, in San Jacinto, Masbate Province. The Catandayagan Waterfalls is unique because its waters flow directly into the ocean. Catandayagan is a picturesque tourist destination where you have to rent a boat from nearby Donsol, Sorsogon or Monreal, Masbate. You can swim underneath the waterfalls itself and legends state that there is a Huge Sea Monster living beneath the waterfall but it is not proven. The legend has been created to scare off kids on a nearby village so that they won’t swim near Catandayagan Falls. To get to Catandayagan Falls, rent a boat from Masbate City. Catandayagan Falls is just about an hour by boat from Masbate City. Continue reading

The Masbateño Culture

MasbateñoMasbateño people are Filipino people that live in the province of Masbate, located in the Bicol Region. Though Masbate Province is a part of Luzon, the linguistic lineage of Masbateño leans more towards the Visayan languages, particularly Hiligaynon and Capiznon, than Bicolano or Tagalog. Masbate is one of the biggest cattle producers in the country. In is not surprising, therefore, that the province hosts the “Rodeo Filipino” every June. The festival features bull riding and lassoing, which are common events in American rodeos. The island of Masbate lies just west of the province of Sorsogon in the Bicol Peninsula. The population centers are in the municipalities of Masbate (55,996), Aroroy (45,306), San Jacinto (34,185, NSO 1980), and Uson (24,817), with the national population placed at 602,257 (NSO 1990). The island is Continue reading

Masbate Province

Masbate ProvinceMasbate is an island province of the Philippines located in the Bicol Region. Its capital is Masbate City and consists of three major islands: Masbate, Ticao and Burias, and 14 small islands. Masbate is composed of three main islands: namely, These islands are separated by the following: Masbate Pass, separating Masbate Island from Ticao Island; Ticao Pass, separating Masbate Island from Sorsogon and Burias Pass separating Burias Island from Sorsogon. Several small islets could be found on its surrounding territory especially on the north of the Visayas and Continue reading

Bontod Beach in Masbate

Bontod Beach MasbateBontod Beach is located southwest of Masbate City via a ten-minute boat ride from the city port, famous for its coral reefs, breathtaking white sand, mangroves and marine sanctuary. The beach is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

On a bright summer day, Bontod Beach with its fine black sand is a welcome sight. At three kilometers long, it is located far from the inhabited section of Pan-ay; hence it is one of the cleanest beaches in Capiz. It is protected on one side by Napti Island and on the other side by the mountains of Pilar. Continue reading

Bicol Region

Bicol RegionAs the home of Mt. Mayon, Spanish Churches, monuments and the Whale Shark, Bicol is a region of pilgrimage, festivals, eco-tours and historical splendor. Region 5 consists of Albay, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Catanduanes, Masbate and Sorsogon.

Bicol Region is located at the southern most end of the main island of Luzon. Bicol has six provinces, four on Luzon and two island provinces. The two island provinces lie on either side of Luzon. Continue reading

Bugsayon Marine Sanctuary in Masbate

Bugsayon Marine SanctuaryThe Bugsayon Marine Sanctuary is a 50-hectare marine sanctuary located in Barangay B. Titong where you can see the amazing live corals and its diverse marine animals. It can be reached by sea through a motorboat or by land through motorbikes and jeepneys. Ranked no. 1 in the “Top Most Marine Sanctuaries in the Central Philippines with High Resiliency to Climate Change” – assessed by Angel Alcala, former DENR Secretary on June 21-25, 2011 Continue reading

Buntod Sandbar & Reef Marine Sanctuary in Masbate

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As a coastal area, the province of Masbate in the Bicol Region is blessed with beautiful island beaches and bountiful marine resources. With this, you might consider unfolding your next summer adventure in this province.

For beach lovers who are wondering which coastal haven to visit this summer, the Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary in Masbate is one of the best option. Continue reading