The Matalang-talang Marine Sanctuary in Aroroy

Matalang-talang Marine Protected Area Aroroy Masbate Fishing Reserve Sanctuary Fish Aquatic Reef Rangers Snorkeling Scuba Diving Swimming Underwater Aquatic Wildlife Location Depth Size Coral Tour The Matalang-talang Marine Protected Area is located in Aroroy in Masbate Province. The Matalang-talang reserve is being cared for by a group of fishing enthusiasts who take turns patrolling and monitoring the well defined boundaries of the fish sanctuary. Trained as Reef Rangers these fisher folks facilitate snorkeling activities to visitors who wish to enjoy the wonders of the underwater environment. Continue reading

Gosoon Fish Sanctuary in Carmen

Gosoon Fish Sanctuary Carmen Agusan del NorteThe Gosoon Fish Sanctuary is a favorite destination of skin divers. Located in Carmen, Agusan del Norte, its well-protected coral reefs are becoming an attractive shelter for various marine life including several exotic tropical fish. The sanctuary is only 100 meters away from the main road. The sanctuary was established in 2000 with a total land area of 10 hectares. 800 seedlings of mangrove were planted along the seacoast. But because of unavoidable circumstances only very few are alive. As of now, different species of marine life can be seen in this area like Lapu-lapu and Danggit. Corals and other seaweeds can be seen scattered on its sea floor. First hand physical examination of the Gosoon Fish Sanctuary reveals a well protected and healthy growing formation of corals reefs which Continue reading

Bogor Marine Park in Coron

Bogor Marine ParkBogor Marine Park is a large marine park encompassing over 20 hectares of fringing coral reef adjoining Bogor Island near the northern coast of Culion Island. The sanctuary and adjacent reefs are frequented by divers who consider the area as one of the most best diving spots. The local governments of the Calamianes actively promote marine conservation through the development of aquatic parks that preserves the biodiversity of native fish and marine species. The island chain is home to several celebrated marine sanctuaries where visitors can swim and snorkel among protected seawaters that shelter a wide variety of tropical aquatic and coral species.

Decalve Marine Park in Coron

Sangat Island Coral GardenDecalve Marine Park is located in Coron, Palawan. The sanctuary encompasses three marine habitats featuring mangrove-lined coastal fringes and extensive seabed of coral reefs and seagrass. The protected area includes the Sangat Island Coral Garden and the Sangat Gunboat Wreck, where visitors can snorkel amidst a submerged Japanese World War II boat and view the abundant marine life that inhabit the wreck.

Twin Rocks Marine Sanctuary in Anilao

Twin Rocks Marine Sanctuary Mabini BatangasTwin Rocks is one of the best, and most popular, recreational diving sites in Anilao. It is a marine sanctuary where wildlife flourishes. So-called because of two parallel sets of rock formation at a depth of 5-18m/15-60 feet), Twin Rocks is one of the busiest dive sites in Anilao. It is most often requested by both beginning and experienced open water divers who love shallow dives and healthy, vibrant reefs. A wide variety of Giant Clams, Surgeonfish, Batfish and schools of Jack are commonplace. In Twin Rocks you will see from ribbon eels, to schools of carangidae, countless nudibranchs, clownfish, surgeon fish, lionfish, damsels, big barracuda schools, mantis shrimps, Coleman shrimps, pocelain crabs o rabbitfish in a spot where Continue reading

Tabuk Marine Sanctuary in Palompon

Tabuk Marine Sanctuary PalomponTabuk Island is a mangrove sanctuary protected by the municipality of Palompon, in Leyte Province. The 3-storey watch-tower in Tabuk Island is perfect for viewing the mangrove forest, and the adjacent main town of Palompon. It is also perfect for catching the colourful sunsets. A boardwalk through the mangrove forest takes you to see numerous fishes swimming freely. Wild ducks and migratory birds make this spot a stopover in their journey. On the other side of the mangrove is thousands of sleeping giant bats hanging upside down on trees. There are also picnic cottages next to the sea for swimming.

Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary in Matnog

Juag Island MatnogJuag Lagoon is located at Matnog, Sorsogon; the southernmost tip of the main island of Luzon which serves as the gateway to the Southern Philippines. A visit to Matnog would not be complete without making a stopover at Juag Lagoon. It is a popular sidetrip for tourists headed for the pristine beaches Subic and Tikling, all located in this coastal municipality. Juag Lagoon is protected by lush hills and mangroves planted by local fishermen which serve as barriers shielding the sanctuary against violent swells of the sea keeping the marine life undisturbed. The lagoon has makeshift shanties that serve as observation Continue reading

Tuka Bay Marine Sanctuary in Kiamba

Tuka Marine ParkThe Tuka Bay Marine Sanctuary is a protected area in Kiamba, Sarangani Province where fishing is banned. It has four protected coves and only one (Tuka 2) is open to the public. The site has awesome coral formations and you will be literally swimming with schools of fish once you decide to snorkel. Boasting of white sand beaches and awesome coral formation accessible only by boat, the remoteness is perfect for shedding all the stress and tension that urban living provides.

The Marine Park sits beside the town proper of Kiamba. It has four white sand beaches hidden in its coves. Covered by a rising hill, Continue reading

Bugsayon Marine Sanctuary in Masbate

Bugsayon Marine SanctuaryThe Bugsayon Marine Sanctuary is a 50-hectare marine sanctuary located in Barangay B. Titong where you can see the amazing live corals and its diverse marine animals. It can be reached by sea through a motorboat or by land through motorbikes and jeepneys. Ranked no. 1 in the “Top Most Marine Sanctuaries in the Central Philippines with High Resiliency to Climate Change” – assessed by Angel Alcala, former DENR Secretary on June 21-25, 2011 Continue reading

Buntod Sandbar & Reef Marine Sanctuary in Masbate

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As a coastal area, the province of Masbate in the Bicol Region is blessed with beautiful island beaches and bountiful marine resources. With this, you might consider unfolding your next summer adventure in this province.

For beach lovers who are wondering which coastal haven to visit this summer, the Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary in Masbate is one of the best option. Continue reading