The Bulusukan Falls in Buenavista, Marinduque

Bulusukan Falls Bagtingon Buenavista Marinduque Location Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length River Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Distance Flow Tour Picnic Bathing History The Bulusukan Falls is located in Bagtingon, Buenavista in Marinduque Island. The Bulusukan Waterfalls is one of the best spots in the province of Marinduque. The water flows from the remaining forests of barangay Bagtingon. The place is popular among the locals because of its cool fresh water that comes from the mountain and the place looks and feel really peaceful, great place to be if you’re stressed out. The place also has a lot of different creautures living near there like butterflies, monkeys, wild cats, deer and boas. The Bulusukan Falls is about a 45 minute hike from Bagtingon. Continue reading

The Pulang Lupa Shrine in Torrijos, Marinduque

Pulang Lupa Shrine Torrijos Marinduque Location Monument Battle 1900 Philippine American War Colonel Maximo Abad Devereux Shields Defeat Mountain History Landmark Memorial Description Revolution Army The Pulang Lupa Shrine is located in Torrijos in Marinduque Province. Pulang Lupa is a monument to commemorate the Battle of Pulang Lupa. The Battle of Pulang Lupa was an engagement fought on September 13, 1900, during the Philippine-American War between the forces of Colonel Maximo Abad and Devereux Shields, in which Abad’s men defeated the American force. The Pulang Lupa Shrine is built in a mountain peak, where Filipino soldiers won over the Americans during the Philippine-American War on September 13, 1900. It is called “Pulang Lupa”, which means red soil, because of the bloody fight between the two forces. The Americans lost 4 killed and 50 captured, 6 of which wounded including Shields. A large selection of American firearms were also taken by the guerillas. The Filipino losses are Continue reading

Mongpong Islet in Marinduque

Mongpong Islet Santa Cruz Island MarinduqueMongpong Islet is located in Sta Cruz, Marinduque and is approximately 25 minutes by boat from Maniwaya. It is a picturesque island with unique land bridge rock formation on its eastern fringes brings additional attraction on its white sand beaches and laid back island ambiance. Its unique topography offers myriad of possible terrestial and marine adventures. Northeast of this islet lies a kilometer’s stretch of white coral beach almost similar to the one in Elephant Island. Its fringing reefs are the perfect spot for scuba divers. There are no tourist facilities in these islets. Visitors are advised to bring drinking water, sleeping bags, and tents for longer stay in the area.

Bulating Festival in Boac

Bulating Festival BoacThe Bulating Festival, which originated in Barangay Malbog in the town of Boac, Marinduque, is similar to the Boling-Boling Festival in Catanauan, Quezon. The word boling is a Visayan word that means ‘dirt.’ Participants cover their whole body with burak (mud) and don a headdress made of branches, twigs, and leaves as part of a spiritual cleansing ceremony to prepare themselves for the Lenten Season. Practioners regard this ritual as an act of humility and thanksgiving. In Marinduque, the ritual was initiated by the Ogayre Family of Malbog. The ritual was adopted by the people; it was eventually turned into a festival in 2001 and included in the province’s tourism program.

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Kalesayahan Festival in Gasan

Kalesayahan Festival GasanKalesayahan is a contraction of two Tagalog words, “kalesa”, a local horse-drawn vehicle and “kasayahan”, festivity. A festival celebrating kalesas in Gasan town during the past decade to generate interest in this form of local transportation and to preserve the few existing ones, has been successfully undertaken in the month of August of every year. This is timed with the town’s celebration of its founding anniversary.

Kalesas and horses are decorated gaily with indigenous materials, carrying a young couple dressed up in ‘Filipiniana’ attire. Photos here show samplings of the village folks ingenuity shown in various expressions of their Continue reading

Gasang-Gasang Festival in Gasan

Gasang-Gasang Festival Gasan MarinduqueThe Gasang-Gasang Festival is a street dancing festival held annually in Gasan, in Marinduque province. The festival was inspired by the Moriones and the Sinakulo, passion plays. Accompanied by the beat of festival drums, contingents from the different barangays compete for the best in costume and choreography. The drama revolves around the morion tradition and the Resurrection and takes place on Easter Sunday.

It was in Gasan where scholars and journalists first discovered the existence of the Morions way back in the 60’s. After it caught the Continue reading

Tuba Festival in Buenavista

Tuba Festival Buenavista“Tuba” is the native drink obtained from the coconut tree by the “mangangarit”, “tuba” gatherers. The Tuba Festival honors the “mangangarit” and “tuba” drinking, a pastime has been developed in the Brgy. Bagacay, Buenavista. Choreographed street dancing utilizing props of bamboo and coconut materials accompanied by drum and lyre bands.

Kangga Festival in Mogpog

Kangga Festival MogpogThe agricultural town of Mogpog in the northeastern portion of the island is indebted to their patron saint San Isidro Labrador for their annual harvests. To pay tribute to the saint and to the farmers whose tools labored the land for many months, the local government adopted the Kangga Festival which is celebrated annually to coincide with San Isidro Labrador’s feast day of May 13. “Kangga” in Marinduquenian Tagalog is a sled made of bamboo usually drawn by carabao and is used by farmers to transport tools or harvests from their homes to the fields or to the market. On the day of the festival, holy mass is celebrated in the local church in thanksgiving to San Isidro Labrador.

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Bila-Bila Festival in Boac

Bila-Bila Festival BoacThe Bila-Bila Festival is celebrated in Boac town during the town Fiesta in December. This festival celebrates the life cycle of butterflies, the butterfly farming industry being one of the town’s more unique industries. This street dancing festival promotes government efforts to make Marinduque the butterfly center of the Philippines.

The festival stems from Boac’s tree farming and butterfly propagation ordinance, which aimed to encourage reforestation and promote the butterfly industry throughout Marinduque.  Almost 70 percent of the Philippines’ total butterfly exports valued at P100 million come from Marinduque, records show. Continue reading

Moriones Festival in Marinduque

Moriones Festival MarinduqueThe Moriones Festival in Marinduque highlights the display of colorful Roman costumes, painted masks, brass helmets, bright-colored tunics and dangerous looking swords and spears. Morion means “mask” which is a part of a medieval Roman armor that effectively covers a warrior’s face to protect him from his enemies, thus, his identity remains incognito. The weeklong celebration is the depiction of the most followed and most observed nationwide celebration of Holy Week for it is a sacred week for Catholics depicting the death and rise of Christ. The festival begins on Holy Monday and culminates on Easter Sunday.

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