MaribojocMaribojoc is a coastal town located at the southwestern portion of the Province of Bohol, Philippines, famous of its Punta Cruz Historical Watchtower, the old Holy Cross Church, the scenic Maribojoc Bay, the panoramic mountain ranges, the emerging Abatan River Tour, and its hospitable and peace-loving people.

Maribojoc is bounded on the northeast by the Municipality of Antequera, on the northwest by the Municipality of Loon, on the southwest by the Bohol Strait and on the southeast by the Abatan River. Continue reading

Postan Forest Mangrove Nature Tour

Alimango BoardwalkExplore the Postan Mangrove Forest during the day through boat rowing and kayaking, be able to identify the century-old mangrove species, observe the habitat of crabs, shrimps, other riparian species of flora and fauna as well as migratory birds.  You can also enjoy Firefly Watching along the Abatan River at night and be amazed with these winged beetles. Continue reading

Punta Cruz Watch Tower in Maribojoc

Punta Cruz FortificationLocated at the western tip of Maribojoc. The popular name of Barangay Punta Cruz is derived from the” Punta” which means  cape  and the word Punta Cruz was coined from the cross which was planted on the said place to scare the Moro marauders. The original and extinct name of the place is Guimnay where a spring is located serving the inhabitants as its water source. Built in 1796, the only perfect isosceles triangle tower-the only structure so formed in the country. Continue reading