Kalinawan River

Kalinawan River Jabonga Agusan del NorteThe Kalinawan River is a popular watersport location for canoeing in Agusan del Norte province. The word Kalinawan comes from the Visayan word “linaw,” which literally means clear. Declared as the cleanest inland body of water in the Caraga region, this 29.1 kilometer of pristine and picturesque river is the only outlet for Lake Mainit. Kalinawan River is next to Jagupit, and it passes through the municipalities of Jabonga, Santiago, Tubay before it finally empties into Butuan Bay. By history, it is one of the oldest trading and missionary routes in the Philippines. Its historical past (part of the Old Kingdom of Butuan even predates Philippine history. The river is fishing ground to the mamanwas since immemorial. The mamanwa tribe who inhabits Continue reading

The Mamanwa Culture

Conking, Mamaw, Amamanusa, Manmanua, Mamaua, MamanwaThe Mamanwa (variously called Conking, Mamaw, Amamanusa, Manmanua, Mamaua, Mamanwa) are one of the three groups that occupy a very distinct position in Philippine populations. Heretofore, the Mamanwa has been classified as a Negrito subgroup, but physical anthropological data indicate otherwise. The Mamanwa form a distinct branch from the rest of the Philippine populations which include the various groups of the Negrito, and the Austronesian-speaking peoples which now comprise the modern populations. The Mamanwa appear to be an older branch of population appearances in the Philippines affecting to some extent the Negrito of northeastern Luzon. Like all the Negrito groups in the country, the Mamanwa speak a language that is basically that of the dominant group about them. Continue reading

Bonok-Bonok Maradjao Karadjao Festival

Bonok-Bonok Maradjao Karadjao FestivalCelebrated on September 9, Bonok Bonok Maradjao Karadjao is celebrated in Surigao City, in Surigao del Norte province. This festival coincides with the feast of San Nicolas de Tolentino. Highlighting the day-long annual event is the dancing of the bonok-bonok by the ethnic Mamanwas, performed during thanksgiving, wedding ceremonies, and worship. Performing the dance is their way of praying the gods for good health and bountiful harvest. During the festivity, a contest is held between barangays and the coastal areas aiming to beautify Surigao City.

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Sumayajaw Festival in Jabonga

Sumayajaw Festival JabongaThe Sumayajaw Festival is held during the town fiesta of Jabonga, in Agusan del Norte province. Held every 3rd Sunday of October, this festival is an annual celebration that showcases the Mamanwa dance healing rituals. It is a re-enactment of a miraculous healing of a Mamanwa native in 1910 while dancing in front of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This statue was brought to Magallanes from Las Nieves, Barcelona Spain. This festival is a thanksgiving celebration for the bounties showered by the Heavenly Father through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Lady of Assumption.