The Malagonlong Bridge in Tayabas

Malagonlong Bridge Tayabas Quezon Location Construction History Height Length River Malagunlong Spanish Period Bricks Architecture Distance Kilometer Layout Road Map Creek Water Width Repair Fishing The Malagonlong Bridge is located in Tayabas in Quezon Province. Sometimes misspelled as Malagunlong, the bridge was constructed during the Spanish colonial period using Spanish and indigenous engineering skills and materials. The Malagonlong Bridge is considered the oldest one in Tayabas. It was constructed around 1585, when the parish church was being built. Continue reading

Puente de Malagonlong in Tayabas

Puente de Malagonlong BridgeMalogonlong Bridge is said to be one of the oldest and longest stone arched bridges found in the town of Tayabas, province of Quezon. The bridge is reported to have been built between the years 1840 and 1850 under the direction of the “Ministro del Pueblo,” Fray Antonio Mattheos, a Franciscan priest. Even after over 150 years after its construction, the bridge remains a testimony to the excellent stone arch bridge craftsmanship that was its foundation. It joins other such bridges in the world that are worthy of preservation as it provides us a window to the past when natural materials such as stone, molasses, eggs and blood resulted in a structure that lasted through the ages. Continue reading