The Sang’ngawan Falls in Makilala

Sang’ngawan Falls Batasan Makilala Cotabato Malasila River Location Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length Sangngawan Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Spring Hot Tour Sulfur Pool The Sang’ngawan Falls is located in Batasan, Makilala in Cotabato Province. The Sang’ngawan Waterfalls has a collection of hot and cold natural pools that are found along the Malasila River. There are two natural pools, and its hot sulfuric pools are known for having some healing effects. Continue reading

Flortam Hot Spring in Makilala

Flortam Hot Spring Makilala North Cotabato Mount Apo Springs Batasan Fountain Youth Location Volcano Temperature DepthFlortam Hot Spring is located at Barangay Batasan in Makilala, North Cotabato Province, at the foot of Mount Apo. Just five kilometers from the national highway, this natural attraction has been dubbed as the Fountain of Youth because of its healing power, and popular among senior citizens. Blessed with natural hot springs, it has become a weekend recreational as well as a medical center. The Mount Apo volcano can be seen from the bend beyond the Lalapoi River at the boundary of northern Cotabato and Davao del Sur. Continue reading

New Israel in Makilala

New Israel MakilakaSituated at the foot of Mt. Apo, Barangay New Israel in Makilala is now one of the top destinations in the province. The newly-opened 2.2-kilometer zipline attract local and foreign adventure seekers. To date, it is the longest zipline in Asia. New Israel is also the home of the tamed Macaque monkeys, who has been living with community for more than five decades already.  While in the village, get to know the beliefs and traditions of religious group known as “Moncadista.”  The place is also a perfect destination for backpackers. Continue reading