Lake Mainit

Anibongan Islet Kitcharao Lake MainitLake Mainit is the fourth largest lake in the Philippines. It has a total area of about 17,060 hectares and its lakeshore has total length of 62.10 kilometers. The lake is divided almost equally between the provinces of Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Norte. It is most known for its rich fish resources. There are 31 barangays in the municipalities of Mainit, Alegria, Kitcharao & Jabonga.

Lake Mainit is reported to be the habitat of rare fish species; the puyo or perch and gabot. These species have become rare due to the introduction of new fish species. Habitats of other rare and threatened wildlife Continue reading

Tuasan Falls at Catarman

Tuasan Falls CamiguinTuasan Falls on Camiguin Island offers a perfect destination for adventurers and mountaineers alike. One must venture a 6km (3.7 mi) scenic hike through the quaint Barrio of Mainit passing by a rocky river bed before witnessing this 25 meters cascading untouched magnificence. The route as well as its setting on the way of this waterfall enthralls anyone who dares for adventure. Continue reading

Anilao Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Anilao Scuba DivingLocated in the province of Batangas, it is not only ideal for poking around and observing marine life but also outstanding for macro photography. Multi-hued crinoids are prolific. The variety of nudibranchs is unmatched. Night dives are especially nice and often reveal unusual creatures like sea hares, sea goblins, catfish eels, ghost pipe fishes, blue-ringed octopuses, mandarin fishes, and snake eels. The area’s best known dive site, Cathedral, is two large mounds with a cross in between at 50’. It is a well established fish feeding station. Covered with corals, the site is spectacular at night. Continue reading