The Luyang Cave in San Andres

Luyang Cave San Andres Catanduanes Location Entrance Moro Cavern Sili Size Hiking Trail Depth Distance Difficulty Visit Tour Guide Stalactite Length Stalagmite Map Route Spelunking History Discovery The Luyang Cave is located in San Andres in Catanduanes Province. Inside Luyang Cave are corridors of majestic and huge stalactite and stalagmite pillars and rock formations. Hanging from the ceilings and walls of the cave are numerous bats that inhabit the entire cave. The Luyang Cave is the location where native Filipinos sought refuge against the Moro pirates during the 17th century. The villagers who took refuge inside Luyang Cave covered its entrance with dried tree branches and twigs to conceal the cave, and they used ground “sili” leaves and fruit to discourage the invaders from entering the cave. The pirates eventually found the cave and its entrance; When the invaders finally tried to enter the cave, the inhabitants burned the pile thinking that the smoke would prevent them from going inside. But the wind direction instead blew the smoke towards Continue reading