Linabo Peak in Dipolog

Linabo Peak 3003 steps Dinginan Lugdungan Dipolog City park concrete stairway trees view panoramic skyline dapitan elevation summit cross dinginan history construction landmark monument description Linabo Peak is located in Dipolog City. Linabo Peak is a popular hiking spot in Zamboanga del Norte and is most known for its moniker, the 3003 Steps to Linabo Peak. Concrete steps winding along tunnel of verdant trees lead to a panoramic vista of sky, plains, and sea and a spectacular view of the twin cities of Dipolog and Dapitan, This is Dipolog’s highest elevation point – 486 meters above sea level. The 14 Stations of the Cross punctuate the way up. At the peak is a community chapel for prayer and contemplation. The 3003 Step Linabo Peak is located at Sitio Dinginan, Barangay Lugdungan. Continue reading

Tulwanan Village in Dipolog

Tulwanan Village Lugdungan Dipolog Town Location History Subanon Barangay River Site Population Tribe People Description Industry Resort Farm Distance Transportation Bus Kilometer Market Trading Post Tulwanan Village is the original settlement of Dipolog’s earliest residents, the Subanons. Barangay Lugdungan is located about six kilometers from the city proper and along the Dipolog River, which the Subanons used to transport their products to trading posts and markets in the early days. To preserve its historical significance and for the younger generation to see and reflect on their cultural history the City Government constructed replicas of Subanen houses in the site. Continue reading