Lubi-lubi Festival in Las Nieves

Lubi-lubi Festival Las Nieves Agusan del NorteThe founding of the Municipality of Las Nieves on June 25, 1963 established the annual commemoration of “Adlaw Hong Las Nieves”. The Lubi Lubi Festival began in 2004 to pay tribute to the “Tree of Life” or the coconut tree which is one of the most important crops in the municipality. This festival aims to encourage the people, especially those from the farming communities, to plant more coconut trees and promote processed coconut products such as nata de coco, pulvoron, coconut cookies and others. It also aims to encourage the people to continue and sustain the handicrafts industry by creating souvenirs and other usable items from coconuts.

Lubi-Lubi Festival in Calubian

Lubi-Lubi Festival LeyteLubi-lubi festival is considered a trademark festival for the town of Calubian. It is also considered one among the important activities during the annual fiesta celebration of the town. Dancers are usually being decorated with different parts of coconut tree such as cocoshell crafts, cocoleaves, midribs and others. Just when you thought no festival occurs to celebrate “coconut” the tree of life, there is actually one celebrated by residents of Calubian, Leyte. Dances paying homage to the patron saints of Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of San Roque, are showcased during this event. The dance festival exhibits the use of different materials derived from coconut from which the place is Continue reading