Malajog Beach in Calbayog

Malajog Beach Calbayog Looc Location Rocks Cottages Water Swimming Gray Sand Resort Rock Formation Barangay City Samar Province Tour Guide Snorkeling Scuba Diving Picnic Surf Tide Sports Meeting Info Malajog Beach is one of the most visited and beautiful beaches in Samar. Located in Barangay Malajog, this beach is also known as Lo-oc Beach (sometimes spelled Looc Beach). Malajog Beach is surrounded with towering rocks to its south and three balconied cottages. The beach gives a south sea island touch. It takes 35 min. ride from the city proper. Grayish sand, clear blue water, towering rock formation and swaying palm tress and magnificent sunsets all conspired to make this a beautiful tourist attraction. Malajog Beach has been frequented by celebrities and diplomats who visited the Samar region. Continue reading