General King Marker in Limao Bataan

General Edward King Surrender Marker Limao Limay Bataan Monument 1962 American Usaffe Commander Japan Death March The General King Marker, also known as the Limao Marker, is located in Limay, Bataan. This marker is a monument erected in 1962, exactly 20 years after General Edward King, American USAFFE commander, signed the papers surrendering the entire nation to the Japanese, together with about 78,000 soldiers. After the surrender, the captured Filipino and American soldiers marched from Bataan to Tarlac in what is now known as the Death March. The marker commemorates the courage and bravery shown by the Filipinos during the last world war. Continue reading

Costa Marina Beach Resort in Samal

Costa Marina Beach Resort SamalWhat would you expect to buy with your P80.00 this day? What if you can own a white sand beach for a day, would you got for it? Costa Marina is perfect if you want an affordable beach resort. Rooms and restaurant had an excellent location right at the beach.

Costa Marina is just one of the beaches resorts along the strip of the Samal Island which is local – friendly beach resort offering cheaper entrance fees, and cheaper foods. It is located at Caliclic Babak District with the entrance fee of P80.00 only. It takes 15 minutes of boat ride to reach this beach resort, an you only need to pay P10.00 per head for the boat ride. Continue reading