Ligawasan Marsh

Ligawasan Marsh MaguindanaoLigawasan Marsh is the largest swamp and marsh area in Mindanao and one of the largest in the Philippines, covering an area of about 288,000 hectares. It is a conglomeration of three marshes: Ligawasan, Libungan and Ebpanan. It is a vast complex of river shannles, small freshwater lakes, ponds, and arable land subject to seasonal flooding in the basin of Mindanao. The area is under water during periods of heavy rainfall. Continue reading

Maguindanao Province

Maguindanao ProvinceMaguindanao Province is located on the west of central Mindanao. It is bounded on the north by the Province of Lanao del Sur, on the east by Cotabato Province, on the south by Sultan Kudarat Province and on the west by Illana Bay.

The land of the Maguindanaos, or ‘people of the flood plains’, lies in a fertile valley of the longest river in Mindanao, the Pulangi or the Rio Grande de Mindanao. The province of Lanao del Sur bounds the province to the northwest, Cotabato lies to the northeast and Sultan Kudarat to the south. The coast is regular with a few good anchorages like Polloc Harbor and Linao Bay. The land is generally flat and low, with marshes in the vicinity of Libungan. Mountains rise to the southwest. Maguindanao receives little precipitation through out the year, but the rains that do fall swell the tributaries and flood the plains. Muslim traders from the nearby Malay states traded with the Maguindanaos and influenced the culture of the region. Continue reading