The San Sebastian Library of the Arts in Lipa

San Sebastian Library Arts Lipa City Batangas Location Building Exhibit Books Collection Display Collection History Culture Danilo Dolor Artifacts Construction Hours Memorabilia Entrance Fee The San Sebastian Library of the Arts is located in Lipa City in Batangas Province. The San Sebastian Library of the Arts opened its doors on February 10, 1996. It began with a modest collection of art books and memorabilia donated by Danilo Dolor, a prominent BatangueƱo and patron of the arts. Continue reading

Carlos P. Romulo Memorial Library in Tarlac

Carlos Romulo Memorial Library Tarlac Location Building Manuel Roxas Collection Books Materials National High School Resource Video Audio Layout Map Room Hall History Construction University Education The Carlos P. Romulo Memorial Library, also simply known as the Tarlac Provincial Library, is located in Tarlic City, Tarlac Province. Carlos Romulo was born on January 14, 1898 in Camiling, is one of the most prominent and respected figures of Tarlac. He is an alumnus of the Tarlac National High School, where he received his educational foundations. When he later studied higher education in the University of the Philippines, he was considered to be an outstanding student. A journalist, author and publisher, he was able to write twelve books in the English Language. He also received 82 honorary degrees from different international Continue reading

National Library of the Philippines

National Library of the Philippines ManilaThe National Library serves as the country’s premier repository of printed and recorded materials which reflect the intellectual, literary and cultural heritage of the Philippines as well as the knowledge and wisdom of peoples elsewhere in the world. While acquiring and maintaining a comprehensive national collection of library resources, the National Library promotes access to these research and information materials and makes them available for the use of the present and future generations of Filipinos.

On March 9, 1900, the American Circulating Library was established in Manila as a fitting memorial to American servicemen who died in Continue reading