The Pegpeg Burial Cave in Buguias

Pegpeg Burial Cave Lengaoan Buguias Benguet Tomb Location Human Bones Entrance Cavern Size Depth Hiking Trail Kilometer Tour Guide Attraction Ancestors Skeleton Cemetery History Description Explore Pegpeg Cave is located in Lengaoan, Buguias in Benguet Province. Pegpeg Cave is a burial cave because human bones were found buried inside the cavern. Pegpeg Burial Cave is considered a potential natural attraction found in Lengaoan. It served as a burial ground of the community’s ancestors, however, further research and exploration is needed. Buguias is located 75 kilometers away from Baguio City. Continue reading

The Sabeng Anito Falls in Benguet

Sabeng Anito Falls Lengaoan Buguias Benguet Waterfalls Picnic Swimming Viewing Tourist Attraction Location Tour Guide Hiking Trail Lengaw Evaporation Lengawan Distance Fees Depth Size Description Info Sabeng Anito Falls is located in Lengaoan, Buguias, in Benguet Province. Sabeng Anito Waterfalls is good for picnicking, swimming and viewing. Barangay Lengaoan got its name from the word “Lengaw,” which means evaporation from the earth’s surface, particularly at sunrise. In Lengaoan, too much “lengaw” is seen in the mornings morning and so from that time on, the people called the place Lengawan, but spelled as Lengaoan. Buguias is 75 kilometers (47 miles) away from Baguio City. Continue reading