Lamao Caves in Aurora

Lamao Caves Paltic Dingalan Aurora cavern beach rock location boat tour guide docking point banca entrance water Waterfalls underground stream Subterranean River shore beach location sea coral reef The Lamao Caves are a series of caverns located in Paltic, Dingalan in Aurora Province. There are about a dozen individual caves along the seaside cliffs of Paltic, and they are constantly pounded by the Pacific Ocean waves. A few mini-beaches serve as docking points for bancas and during the calmer months of April to June, one can maneuver a small banca inside the caves. Aside from a small waterfall that trickles outside one of the caves, the site would seem deceptively ordinary. A close inspection inside one of the caves, however, reveals a delightful natural waterfall gushing from an underground stream. Another cave showers water, giving the impression of an indoor rainstorm. The shore facing the cave steeply descends and is immediately immersed in the deep sea. Rare marine life such as giant turtles and some Continue reading