Lake Lanao in Lanao del Sur

Lake Lanao Lanao Del Sur Taraka Gata Masiu Bacayawan Agus River Location Size Depth Camping Hiking Trail Swimming Fishing Camping Picnic Length History Resort Description Elevation Fish Water Lake Lanao is located in Lanao del Sur Province. Lake Lanao has a surface area of 340 square kilometers (130 square miles), making it the largest freshwater lake in Mindanao and the second largest in the entire Philippines. Because of its sheer size, many tourists may mistake it for an ocean instead of a lake. The lake is fed by four rivers contributing water to Lake Lanao which consist of Taraka, Gata, Masiu, and Bacayawan. The lake’s only outlet is the Agus River, which exits southwest into Iligan Bay by the Maria Cristina Falls and Cinnamon Falls. Lake Lanao has an impressive biodiversity and is home to several species of crabs, waterfowl and cyprinid fish, and it has become popular with tourists because of the smattering of attractive and eye-catching mosques around its edges. Through Lake Lanao Continue reading

Lake Binejayeng in Bokod

Binejayeng Lake Daclan Bokod Benguet State University Location Size Depth Camping Hiking Trail Swimming Fishing Camping Picnic Length History Resort Description Elevation Fish Water Lake Binejayeng is located in Daclan, Bokod in Benguet Province. Lake Binejayeng is a potential natural attraction found in Daclan near the Bokod campus of Benguet State University. The lake is suitable for for picnics, camping, fishing, and swimming. Continue reading

Lake Lagbangan in San Antonio

Lagbangan Lake San Antonio Northern Samar Ecological Tourist Destination Island Beach Crocodile Wildlife Pond House Visit Tour Package Boat Rental Swimming Death Aquatic Fishing Barangay History Info Lagbangan Lake is located on San Antonio Island in Northern Samar Province. Lagbangan Lake was declared as an Ecological Tourist destination by the Philippine government in 2008. The San Antonio island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. You can ride a boat from the mainland to the isle, visiting Lagbangan Lake; A small house is located at the center of the lake. Crocodiles can be seen swimming in the lake. Continue reading

Lake Ambuwaya in Kiangan

Lake Ambuwaya Kiangan Ifugao Location Hatching Center Fingerlings Swimming Boating Location Hiking Trail Picnic Site Headhunting Tribe Research Fishing Culture Depth Water Size History Fish Barbecue The Ambuwaya Lake is located in Kiangan in Ifugao province. Legend has it that the Lake Ambuwaya was once a village inhabited by a headhunting tribe. The village was turned into a lake due to a curse by one of the villagers against a leach. Today, Ambuwaya Lake is being used as a hatching center for fingerlings. The lake is deep and good for swimming and boating. The shaded surroundings is an ideal place for picnics. It is now the site of a research on fishing culture. The lake is located four kilometers from the town center of Kiangan and can be reached by four wheel drive vehicles.

Lake Danao in Ormoc City

Lake Danao Ormoc City Tacloban Leyte Volcanic Crater Violin Shape Water Elevation Size Kilometers Mountain Range Depth Fishing Giant Eel Depression Fault Rock Formation Tour Guide Distance Location Lake Danao is located in Ormoc City, 125 kilometers away from Tacloban City in Leyte Province. As Ormoc’s main natural attraction, Lake Danao is a violin-shaped lake 2,100 feet above sea level and three kilometers long; hemmed by cloud-capped mountain ranges of undetermined depth; wild animals roaming its surrounding forest; hunter’s paradise; lake said to be the habitat of giant eel. Geologists believe this lake is volcanic in origin, like the popular Taal Lake in Tagaytay City. It is a depression produced by the Leyte Central Fault, an active fault passing through the lake area in N-S direction. Most rock formations that surrounds the lake are andesitic volcanic rocks. At more or less 700 meters above sea level, Lake Danao lies on an altitude similar to Tagaytay, making the area cooler than the average Philippine temperature. Continue reading

Limbo Lake in Abra

Limbo Lake Villaviciosa Abra Location Size Swimming Depth History Fishing Hiking Trail Benguet Ilocos Road Camping Length Water River Outlet Resort Description Tour Stop Info Fish Wildlife Barangay Limbo Lake is located in Villaviciosa in the southern part of Abra Province. Though not as popular as the Kimkimay Lake, it offers an ideal place for campers and hikers for it cannot be reached by jeepneys and buses. The distance to travel is however negligible. Villaviciosa can be reached from Benguet Province through the AbraIlocos Sur Road, the most frequently used route. From the province of Ilocos Sur, Villaviciosa Lake can be reached through the Candon via San Emilio to Luba-Tamac, Villaviciosa Road and the Sta. Maria-Burgos, Ilocos Sur via Pilar-Villaviciosa Road. Continue reading

Lake Bababu on Basilisa Island

Lake Bababu Basilisa Dinagat Agusan Del Norte Island Province Puerto Princesa Melgar Cebuano Baba Buwaya Crocodile Mouth Cove Inlet Beach Trail Hiking Granite Wall Underwater Cave Entrance Water Boat Lake Bababu is located on Basilisa Island, Dinagat in Agusan del Norte Province. Lake Babu is situated between Puerto Princesa and Melgar in Basilisa. Lake Bababu’s name was derived from the Cebuano words ‘baba sa buwaya,’ or crocodile’s mouth, referring to the shape of the Babas Cove, the inlet that funnels to a small white-sand beach where the lake trail begins. This mountain lake is a sight to behold, the steep descent (and ascent) add thrill to an avid adventurer. Surrounded by huge wall of granite, small underwater caves are in great abundance in the region of Lake Babu. Lush vegetation dominates the virginal periphery. Lake Bababu has an underwater channel connected to the sea, thereby feeding the lake with saltwater from below while fresh water at the top remains uninterrupted. Continue reading

Lake Luningning in Arakan

Lake Luningning Ganatan Arakan Cotabato Province Size Area Depth Water Underground Spring Swimming Location Hiking Trail Fishing History Description Boat Rental Wildlife Fish Pictures Barangay Info Lake Luningning is located in Ganatan, Arakan in Cotabato Province. An estimated area of 4 hectares, Lake Luningning’s depth is 30 meters of clear water, hence it has an underground spring that provides the lake and sustain even during good season. Continue reading

Lake Buluan in Lutayan Sultan Kudarat

Lake Buluan Lutayan Sultan Kudarat Mindanao Water Elevation Maguindanao President Quirino Marsh Basin Pulangi Maanoy Alah Lake Buluan is a lake located in Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat province on the the island of Mindanao. With an estimated surface area of 61 square kilometers, it is the third largest lake in Mindanao, after Lake Lanao and Lake Mainit. It has an average elevation of 4.5 meters. Lake Buluan is sandwiched between the provinces of Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat. The lake falls under the political jurisdiction of the municipalities of Buluan of Maguindanao and President Quirino and Lutayan in Sultan Kudarat. The lake actually consists of adjoining marshy basins of the Pulangi, Maanoy, Buluan, Alah rivers, which are all tributaries of the Mindanao River. Continue reading

Lake Himbang in Talacogon

Lake Himbang Talacogon Agusan del Sur Maharlika Highway Agusan Marsh Location Camping Fishing Boat Rental Floating Lake Himbang is located in Talacogon in Agusan del Sur province. It is more than an hour drive from the Maharlika Highway going to Lake Himbang in Talacogon. The lake is an alternative destination of Agusan Marsh. The thrill of riding a motorized small boat or a wooden-boat (made of a log) while admiring the tranquility and view of the lake plus a relaxing meal at the floating cottage are some of its attractions, which you would never want to miss. Continue reading