Lake Ambuwaya in Kiangan

Lake Ambuwaya Kiangan Ifugao Location Hatching Center Fingerlings Swimming Boating Location Hiking Trail Picnic Site Headhunting Tribe Research Fishing Culture Depth Water Size History Fish Barbecue The Ambuwaya Lake is located in Kiangan in Ifugao province. Legend has it that the Lake Ambuwaya was once a village inhabited by a headhunting tribe. The village was turned into a lake due to a curse by one of the villagers against a leach. Today, Ambuwaya Lake is being used as a hatching center for fingerlings. The lake is deep and good for swimming and boating. The shaded surroundings is an ideal place for picnics. It is now the site of a research on fishing culture. The lake is located four kilometers from the town center of Kiangan and can be reached by four wheel drive vehicles.