Don Mariano Marcos Bridge in Abra

Don Mariano Marcos Bridge Abra Tayum Lagangilang Dolores River Water Construction History Collapse Repair Length Height Kalinga National Road Highway Boundary History Location Longest Toll Info The Don Mariano Marcos Bridge is a steel bridge cutting across the mighty Abra River in the municipality of Tayum, Abra. Located along the Abra Kalinga National Road which is the third longest bridge in the country today with a total length of 886.812 linear meters. The Don Mariano Marcos Bridge is strategically located between the boundaries of Tayum, Lagangilang and Dolores at one scenic portion of Abra River. The Don Mariano Marcos bridge itself collapsed in 1989. It took the Philippine Department of PUblic Works and Highways seven years to repair the bridge. Continue reading


AdasenOne of the nine distinct subgroups of the Tingguians of northwestern Luzon, the Adasens are Isnegs from Apayao. They can be found in Dolores, Lagangilang, Sallapadan, and Tineg in northeastern Abra.

The Adasen dialect and cultural practices reflect the tribe’s origins. Like other Tingguians, they perform religious rituals, songs, and dances in honor of the spirits during important events: birth, childhood, betrothal, marriage, sickness, death, and harvests. Continue reading