The Kuyonen Culture

Puerto Princesa FestivalThe Kuyonen (Cuyonon, Cuyuno, Cuyo, Kuyunon, Kuyunin) are the ethnic elite of Palawan, and are concentrated in Puerto Princesa (20,940), Roxas (13,405), and on the islands of Cuyo (12,470) and Dumaran (6690). The Ratagnon of Mindoro may be a subgroup. The basic susbsistence activities are central Philippine in character. The total population is about 97,000, with about 89,000 (NSO 1980) of this found in Palawan. The Kuyonen comprise the ethnic elite in Palawan, the place having been historically the Spanish capital of Palawan prior to Puerto Princesa. It has been contended that the Ratagnon, a subgroup of the Mangyan of Mindoro, are probably Kuyonen that migrated to Continue reading