Suppon Falls in Koronadal

Suppon Falls San Jose Koronadal City South Cotabato Waterfalls Location Height River Water Length Barangay Mountain Suppon Falls is located in barangay San Jose in Koronadal City of South Cotabato province. The Suppon Waterfalls is a 20-ft high bulk of cascading water. It takes one-hour hiking from the base of the mountain to reach the falls.

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Mambucal Spring in Koronadal South Cotabato

Mambucal Spring Koronadal South Cotabato Hot Water Cold Sulfur Location Japanese Resort Mambukal Depth Tour Guide Mambucal Hot Springs is located five kilometers from Koronadal, South Cotabato. This sulfur spring rests 1,200 feet above sea level and is a beautiful architectural achievement for anyone to visit and vacation in. The Japanese inspired resort was built in 1927 and today, the beauty and care of the grounds is seen at every turn. The aqua blue waters will call you in for a dip and the hot springs is just simply a place that over time will call you back, time and time again. Just walking the footpaths and Japanese inspired bridges you can easily see the natural elements of such a great resort. A haven for health bath seekers, a resort was already built consisting of three pools and guesthouses.

South Cotabato Community Museum in Koronadal

South Cotabato Community Museum KoronadalFind a showcase of the province’s historical relics in the South Cotabato Community Museum in Koronadal City. This humble space houses items such as metal wares from indigenous groups and technological artifacts from the early 1900s. There are even a few interesting pieces from famous historical figures such as a pair of boots owned by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, the first Philippine president, and a stone carving made by national hero Jose Rizal. The South Cotabato Community Museum and Rosario “Chat” B. Tantoco Memorial Hall Continue reading

Siok Falls in Koronadal

Siok Falls Koronadal South CotabatoDubbed as Koronadal’s hidden treasure Siok Falls is located 11 kilometers away from the city center and along the Roxas Mountain Range. The largest waterfall in Koronadal City, nature enthusiasts looking for river trekking adventure will definitely find Siok Falls to be a great eco-adventure destination in South Cotabato. At a height of of 40 feet, Siok Falls showcases sight-seeing opportunities with nature at its best. The trek to Siok Falls starts with a 15-minute easy walk across rice paddies, small brooks and established foot paths.

The B’laan Culture

Bilaan, Balud, Baraan, Biraan, Bilanes, Blan, Buluan, Buluanes, Koronadal, Sarangani, Taglagad, Tagalagad, Tacogon, Tumanao, Vilanes, Bubluan, BuluanesThe B’laan (Bilaan, Balud, Baraan, Biraan, Bilanes, Blan, Buluan, Buluanes, Koronadal, Sarangani, Taglagad, Tagalagad, Tacogon, Tumanao, Vilanes, Bubluan, Buluanes) are principally located in the province of Davao del Sur where they number about 94,885. The core areas of the group are in the municipalities of San Marcelino (10,953), Malita (7,776), J.A. Santos (7,568), and Sarangani (5,563)(NSO 1990). They are now widespread in the South Cotabao and Sultan Kudarat areas with an estimated total population of 450,000. Traditionally, the B’laan inhabit the hills behind the west coast of Davao gulf abutting the Bagobo territory to the north and the watershed of Davao and Cotabato. In very recent times they have Continue reading

Koronadal, South Cotabato

Koronadal CityKoronadal is in the southwestern part of the island of Mindanao. A triangle shaped city, it occupies the northwestern part of the province of South Cotabato. As the provincial capital, Koronadal is the center of social, economic, and political activities in South Cotabato, such as government administration, commerce, trade, transportation, communication, and education. Koronadal is in the southwestern part of the island of Mindanao. Koronadal is bounded in the northwest by the Municipality of Tantangan, South Cotabato and the Municipality of Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat in the northeast; on the southwest, by the municipality of Banga and on the southeast, by the Municipalities of Continue reading

T’nalak Festival in Koronadal

T’nalak Festival South CotabatoThe T’nalak Festival is an annual celebration in Koronadal that commemorates the Foundation Anniversary of the dynamic South Cotabato province. Celebrated in July, this festival is named after a woven cloth created and woven by the women of the province’s T’boli tribe. T’nalak is an indigenous term for a colourful way of weaving the abaca cloth.The abaca cloth is chosen as the festival icon and it symbolizes the blending of culture, strength and unity of the various ethnic groups living in the province. This celebration kicks off with the Dayana Civic Parade highlighted by a float and cheer dance competition and closes with Continue reading

Hinugyaw Festival in Koronadal

Hinugyaw Festival KoronadalAraw ng Koronadal translated literally means “Day of Koronadal” and indeed it is. Hinugyaw Festival, dubbed as the “Festival of Festivals”, is a celebration of the different cultures that has dwelled on the fertile valley of Koronadal for many years now. Continue reading