The Kirongdong Falls in Magpet

Kirongdong Falls Kinarum Magpet Cotabato Rainforest Location Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length River Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Distance Flow Tour Picnic Bathing Nature The Kirongdong Falls & Rainforest is located in Kinarum, Magpet in Cotabato Province. The Kirongdong Waterfalls measures 80 meters tall and is surrounded by mountain ranges and cliffs. Magpet is located on the eastern part of Cotabato Province and is at the foot of Mount Apo. It is near Kidapawan City and Arakan. Continue reading

Kirungdung Falls in Magpet

Kirungdung Falls Kinarum Magpet Cotabato Mount Apo North Waterfalls Size River Basin Cascading Twin Height Length Kirungdung Falls is located in barangay Kinarum, Magpet in Cotabato Province. Kirungdong Waterfalls is a 200-foot twin falls cascading from the cool headwaters of the mountain streams of Mount Apo. It is located within a friendly community characterized by tranquil and rustic setting of real mountain life. Kirungdong falls has an estimated elevation of 1,090 meters above sea level. Continue reading