Ifugao Museum in Kiangan

Ifugao Museum Kiangan Artifacts Philippine Veterans Administration Office Shrine Collection Display PVAO Compound War Memorial Shrine Ifugao Museum is located in Kiangan, Ifugao Province. This museum showcases priceless Ifugao artifacts and ancient traditions. It stands on the historic PVAO compound facing the war memorial shrine. A highlight of the museum is the stone hagabi or bench made by Owen Tomlinson, the first American Military Governor of Ifugao. It is displayed in front of the Ifugao Museum. Kiangan Museum was previously administered by PANAMIN until it was officially turned-over to the National Museum on May 30, 1984. The museum is a two-story concrete building that stands on the historic Philippine Veterans Administration Office (PVAO) compound facing the War Memorial Shrine. The shrine symbolizes the victory of the Allied Forces against the Japanese invasion forces during World War II. The people of Kiangan still practice the Hudhud chant, a 40-episode epic that Continue reading

Million Dollar Hill in Kiangan

Million Dollar Hill Kiangan Ifugao Province General Tomoyuki Yamashita World War Ammunition Bombs Wangwang Mountain Million Dollar Hill overlooks the city of Kiangan in Ifugao Province. It got its name during World War II when the United States government spent millions of dollars worth of bombs and ammunition to annihilate the enemies in the area. The Million Dollar Hill was pulverized by American shells and bombs during the Battle of Liberation in 1945 in the effort to pound the well-entrenched Japanese forces guarding the rear of General Tomoyuki Yamashita, the Supreme Commander of the Japanese Imperial Army in the Philippines. General Yamashita retreated to the mountains of Wangwang, Tinoc, specifically at Mount Nabigiyan. On Million Dollar Hill’s eastern and western slopes the Japanese dug foxholes and tunnels. Continue reading

Kiangan War Memorial Shrine in Ifugao

Kiangan War Memorial Shrine Ifugao Linda World War II House History Construction Japanese American Troops BattleThe Kiangan War Memorial Shrine is located at Linda, Kiangan, Ifugao Province. This Philippine war memorial shrine was erected in 1974 to commemorate the end of World War II in the Philippines, and fittingly in the place where the last battles of the war were fought. The monument is a concrete pyramid type structure, which resembles an oversized Ifugao native house. The structure depicts historical events from Filipino opposition, to the Death March and the role of the Ifugao and American troops in the defeat of General Yamashita. It could be used as a viewpoint of the Poblacion, other neighboring barangays and the capital town of Lagawe. The shrine is 10 kilometers away, or a 15 minute drive from the capital town.  Continue reading