Katigbawan Festival in Catigbian

Katigbawan Festival BoholKatigbawan Festival is a celebration of human satisfaction from the Visayan word “katagbawan”. Katigbawan is a combination of the visayan words “katigbi”, “tigbaw” and ‘kabawan”. This festival takes place every 3rd week of June of each year in celebration of the foundation day of Catigbian, Bohol every June 17. From the word Katigbi, Tigbaw and Kabawan thus the Katigbawan Festival was coined. Katigbi refers to a grass native to the town where the name Catigbian was derived; Tigbaw in Visayan speaks of caves which the town is replete of; Kabawan in Boholano refers to a place where carabaos are bred and sold. The Katigbawan Festival portrays the deep cultural and traditional heritage of the people of Catigbian; their beliefs and practices. Continue reading