The Kamiguin Culture

Camiguin BoatThe oldest town of the island of Camiguin—Guinsiliban—just off the northern coast of Mindanao, was originally inhabited by the Kamiguin speakers of a language (Quinamiguin, Camiguinon) that is derived from Manobo with a mixture of Boholano. Sagay is the only other municipality where this is spoken. The total population is 531 (NSO 1990). Boholano predominates in the rest of the island. The culture of the Kamiguin has been subsumed within the context of Boholano or Visayan culture. The people were Christianized as early as 1596. The major agricultural products are abaca, cacao, coffee, banana, rice, corn, and coconut. The production of hemp is the major industry of the people since abaca thrives very well Continue reading