Kamias – Bilimbi Fruit

Averrhoa bilimbiAverrhoa bilimbi, or bilimbi, is widely called kamias in the Philippines and “cucumber tree” or “tree sorrel” in English. The 5 – 12 m tall tree is native to southeast Asia and was once common in all local household backyards. It is a fruit-bearing tree, and the small (4 cm in length), green, acidic fruits have various culinary uses. Kamias gives a sour flavor to dishes. One typical recipe is sinigang na salmon sa kamias (salmon belly in sour soup), which sees the fruits boiled and then crushed to extract the flavor from the pulp. The fruits can also be eaten raw, dipped in rock salt, transformed into juice or relish or pickled. Kamias is also sometimes used as a substitute for tamarind. Sometime the flowers are also preserved in sugar. Continue reading

JAC Liner Kamias Bus Terminal

JAC Liner Kamias Terminal Quezon CityThe JAC Liner Kamias bus terminal is located on EDSA in Metro Manila. The terminal is open 24 hours daily and buses arrive and depart round the clock at this location. Bus destinations at this terminal are Lucena City (Quezon Province), Mauban (Quezon Province), and Balibago (Santa Rosa, Laguna). The address of this bus terminal is 2 Mapagmahal Street, Barangay, Pinyahan, in Quezon City. Their telephone contact number is +63(2) 928-6140. Continue reading