The Kalivungan Festival in Cotabato

Kalivungan Festival Cotabato Celebration Calendar Date Schedule Events Province Christian Muslim Lumad Maenuvu Gathering Fiesta Week Ethnic Dance Ritual Music Parade Games Tradition Activity Costume The Kalivungan Festival is held annually in Cotabato Province and celebrates the harmonious relations and the strong union that binds the province’s Tri-People: the Christians, Muslims and the Lumads. Kalivungan is a Maenuvu word which means “Gathering” or “Festival”. Kalivungan is the name of the province’s annual founding anniversary of the Province

of Cotabato. It features a week long celebration highlighting cultural presentation, ethnic dances, rituals, music and native games showcasing the unique cultures and traditions of Cotabateños. A grand Festival filled with fun and exciting activities, feast of abundance and thanksgiving that encourages and ensures active participation and involvement of all people from the different sectors of society, thus strengthens the commitment towards culture harmony, peace and Continue reading