Aguinaldo Hill in Kalinga

Aguinaldo Hill Asibanglan Pinukpuk Road Kalinga Location Mountain History General Emilio Aguinaldo Common Military Post Site Camp Philippine American War Pinukpuk Road Allaguia Junction Street Info Aguinaldo Hill is located in Asibanglan in Kalinga Province. Aguinaldo Hill has historical significance because this hill was used by General Emilio Aguinaldo as a common post during the Philippine-American War. Aguinaldo Hill is located on Pinukpuk Road at the Allaguia Junction. Continue reading

Mabilong Weavers Village in Kalinga

Mabilong Weavers Village Lubuagan Kalinga Cordillera Ethnic Industry Buteg Wood Bar Fiber Sagut Cotton Balls Upland Farm Kaingin Isut Tree Herb Design Pattern Product Community Price Location Clothing The Mabilong Weavers Village is located in Lubuagan, in Kalinga Province. The Mabilong Weavers Village is the center of the ethnic weaving industry in the province. Mabilong Weaving is passed on from oral tradition, and began from wood bar fibers called Buteg, which was extracted by beating and drying its fibers. It is developed with the production of Sag-ut, native cotton balls planted on upland farms called kaingin, and naturally grown Isut trees, and herbs for dyes brought about the making of the first original traditional Kalinga weaving designs and patterns. The Kalinga weaving communities have evolved from these origins and their individual contributions serve as their traditional weaving identity. The Mabilong Weavers Village is located along the road where one can buy souvenirs right from the weavers. Continue reading

Guinaang Village in Kalinga

Guinaang Village Kalinga President Aguinaldo Headquarters Camp Population Location Distance History Resort Tour Retreat Hotel Jeepney Bus Terminal Description Airport Tribe Restaurant Barangay Info The Guinaang Village is located in Kalinga Province. This village has its historical importance to Kalinga as the retreat haven of former President Aguinaldo. This is where the Headquarters were located and the campsite. Continue reading

Elephant Hill in Kalinga

Elephant Hill Greenhills San Pedro Rizal Kalinga Location Mammoth Water Buffalo Fossil Discovery Site Archeologists Paleontologists National Museum Bones Stone Flakes Date Artifacts History Tabuk Elephant Hill is located in Rizal, Kalinga Province. Archaeologists and paleontologists from the National Museum, University of the Philippines Diliman Archaeological Studies Program, Naturalis, University of Athens, and University of Wollongong, Australia, discovered a set of bones belonging to an ancient animal they estimated to be around 800,000 years old and about the size of a present day water buffalo. The discovery was at Greenhills in San Pedro, Rizal. In addition to the fossils, stone flakes, used as cutting tools, were also discovered in the area. The area where the fossils were found can be reached after a two-hour drive through upland roads from the Kalinga capital of Tabuk City. Continue reading

Tinglayan Rice Terraces in Kalinga

Tinglayan Rice Terraces Kalinga Province Farm Location Tabuk Bontoc Size Elevation Season History Description Farmers Builders The Tinglayan Rice Terraces are located in Kalinga Province. Tinglayan is one of the municipalities of Kalinga Province where highlanders and prolific rice terraces builders and farmers dwell. To get to the Tinglayan Rice Terraces, from Bontoc, ride on a bus bound for Tabuk and/or Tinglayan. The parking area is located near the Mountain Province Polytechnic State College along the main road. The first trip from Tinglayan to Bontoc leaves between 7AM and 8AM. Be on the highway and wait for the jeepney. Continue reading

Padcharao Lake on Mount Bannong in Kalinga

Padcharao Lake Mount Bannong Kalinga Japanese Eel Charao Plant Tabia River Location Elevation Depth History Width Padcharao Lake is located 1,800 meters above sea level on Mount Bannong in Kalinga Province. This lake was named after the charao plants that reside in the lake. There is a population of Japanese eels that reside in this lake. The lake can be reached after a 4-hr. hike along the Tabia River. The jungle along the way has wild orchids and other wild flowers.

Ugid Maling Subterranean River in Kalinga

Ugid Maling Subterranean River Kalinga Underground Water Tabuk Boulders Rocks Balbalan Location Size Depth History LengthThe Ugid Maling Subterranean River is located at Tabuk in Kalinga Province. It is a maze of cavernous boulders and rocks atop each other forming a cavern. The river is located four kilometers away from Poblacion, Balbalan and a good three and half hours ride from the Capital Town. Enjoy splashing in the cool waters and discovering what lies ahead. This particular natural wonder is quite far from the Capitol Town, more than 3 hours to be exact. So be ready for the long ride, trek and loads of fun.

Balbalasang-Balbalan National Park in Kalinga

Balbalasang Balbalan National Park Kalinga Cordillera Region Mount Abra Biodiversity Location Luzon Wildlife Sapocoy Mountain CampingBalbalasang-Balbalan National Park іs а protected area оf the Philippines located іn the municipality оf Balbalan, Kalinga іn the Cordillera Administrative Region. The park covers аn area оf 1,338 hectares аnd іs centered оn Mount Balbalasang іn the barangay оf the same name near the provincial border wіth Abra. Dubbed the “green heart оf the Cordillera”, the park іs representative оf the rich biodiversity аnd landscape оf thіs mountain region wіth sоme оf the mоst intact pine forests аnd richly endemic flora аnd fauna. Іt wаs declared а national park іn 1972 by virtue оf Republic Act No. 6463. The Park belongs to the Luzon Biogeographic Region and representative of the Cordillera Mountains, a unique center of endemism on Luzon. It is composed of two mountain ranges with numerous creeks all draining towards the Saltan River. The topography of Continue reading

Mount Binaratan in Kalinga

Mount Binaratan Dacalan Kalinga Silent Tanudan River Mountain Province Jungle General Aguinaldo Hiking Camping Trekking LocationMount Binaratan is located in Dacalan. Dubbed as the silent Mountain, it was the entry point of General Aguinaldo during his retreat to Kalinga when he tried to escape from the American forces during World War II. It is near the Tanudan River, between the boundary of Mountain Province and Kalinga. The summit offers a breathtaking view of the province. The environment is very calm and peaceful, and it is comprised of dense, mossy jungles. You can spot different kinds of fauna like wild boars, deer, and blood leeches, locally called “limatik”. Mount Binaratan has an elevation of 1,800 meters. The activities for tourists involve: Trekking, Camping, Photoshoot, and swimming. Mt. Binaratan according to legend, is the hunting ground of kabunyan “The Kalinga God”, Once upon a time when Kabunyan is hunting at Mt. Binaratan, the birds are too noisy that Continue reading

Jeykot Sticky Rice of Kalinga

Rice TerracesIn the Kalinga dialect, red sticky rice is known by a common name, and the spellings vary according to different dialects: jeykot or chaycot in Pasil, jekot in Lubuagan. This generic term refers to a medium grain glutinous variety belonging to the rice species Orysa sativa japonica. This plump red variety has a salmon colored bran on top of a milky white grain. It is the preferred sticky rice grown in the municipalities of Lubuagan and Pasil, Kalinga, Philippines. The plant has varieties that are both with and without awns. Awns are the beard-like bristly appendage on the end of the compound flowers. Lachok refers to the brown khaki hull variety with short awns. Jumalling refers to the light brown hull with 2 – 3 black stripes and no awns. Continue reading